For brands, shelf-ready packaging (SRP) – also widely known as RRP (retail ready packaging) give them a bold edge over their competitors.

Recent research shows that 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store. Packaging design plays an important role in triggering customers’ actions to choose the products.

Normally, customers have their own list of shopping before taking a tour to the stores. However, if the items are out of stock, they would pick other alternatives net to them as a habit (37% of surveyees said so).

Better yet, shelf-ready packaging enhances the performance of both the supply chain and in-store sales.

Khang Thanh retail ready packaging RRP

Shelf ready packaging definition

To put simply, shelf-ready packaging is bulk-packaging (tertiary packaging)  for products that come pre-ticketed and pre-tagged with all the details that are required in the retail store.

This style of packaging helps a lot in reducing the huge amount of time needed to get the products ready to present on the shelves. From that characteristic, SRP has been dubbed the nickname of PDQ – “pretty darn quick” to show the true nature of this packaging type.

The popularity of SRP is increasing so quickly that the share of SRP in many categories surpasses 80 to 90% of the ‘shelf share’ in the United Kingdom!

Shelf ready packaging provides us 5 crucial benefits. Scroll down to see what they are.

Shelf ready packaging is easy to recognize

SRP gives your brand an invaluable blank canvas to come up with creative marketing ideas, which acts as a perfect free advertising space.

Good quality shelf-ready packaging should be consistent on identifiable colors, fonts, and of course, logos thus becoming an extension for your primary packaging. This helps the products gain extra space visually on the shelf to win customers’ attention.

Important requirements to have an eye on:

  • Ensure your SRP does not blur the idea and message of the marketing campaigns but strengthen them.Try your best to utilize all spaces on the packaging to communicate with your customers.
  • We must execute this practice in case inexperienced shop assistants or careless visitors spoil the alignments of the packaging.
  • Leverage the inside of the SRP to display on the shelves when the products are out of stock too fast. This is a better choice in comparison with blank cardboard to ensure the aesthetic appeal of the shelves.
Khang Thanh retail ready packaging RRP

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Shelf ready packaging is easy to unseal

Conventional retail packaging requires sharp tools like knives to open the package, which is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Things can get worse with the wrong move of the knife: It can be detrimental to the content inside.

The fact that shoppers themselves destroy the products by accident will have a negative impact on how the product is perceived afterward.

Shelf-ready packaging comes to the rescue when it eliminates the need to use knives and turn the unboxing process hassle-free. The perfect SRP can be: a) Two sides and hood that is easily removable or b) easy-to-tear dots of perforation

Shelf ready packaging is easy to place on shelves

SRP needs fewer people to set up and unload, hence it is understandable that this type of packaging helps stores cut down on operation costs. This step is still manually executed, hence the faster it is, the more money it can save.

Many retailers have preferences to work with SRP because they believe it enhances the sales! Offer them what they need to gain advantages over other brands.

3 more things in which SRP is good for on-shelf availability:

  • Enhanced code rotation and auditing
  • Higher accurate stock counting
  • Faster recognition of products in a long distance
Khang Thanh retail ready packaging RRP

Shelf ready packaging makes shopping easier

Since SRP enhances how the products look on the shelves, shop visitors are more likely to spot it out and add them to their carts. A recent survey reveals that more than half of the surveyees think that shelf-ready packaging boosts brand communication. Besides, more than 80% of shoppers consider in-store marketing is more powerful than out of store marketing and the opinion that SRP makes shopping easier receives the agreement of 42% of surveyees.

Ways on how to assure the highest shopping experience:

  • Size makes a difference. Don’t forget to make SRP too large. Customers surely are not into taking too much effort to dig deep to take hold of your products, right?
  • Alignment is king. Ensure all of the inside products stay well-organized so that when customers take out one piece of item, the rest is still in order.
  • Go the extra mile with innovative details. Insert QR or barcodes in appropriate places to give you a chance to provide more information to customers.

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Shelf ready packaging is sustainable and easy to recycle

Content-free shelf-ready packaging packages are easily recycled and flattened since it needs just little amount of material to create. Moreover, due to the environmentally friendly production process, SRP is highly evaluated for its sustainability and positive contribution to the environment.

In addition, SRP is more compact in comparison with other conventional packaging types. This leads to fewer delivery vehicles and inventory warehouse needed.

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