For businesses, rigid box are not only for storing things, but also for showing the face of a brand. Paper box also help consumers feel convenient when giving as gifts.

Helps protecting the environment

Using paper box for product is the way companies join hands to contribute to creating a living environment.

Let’s explore why.

When paper box is not manufactured for a single use, it can be reused in many different situations and can be recycled many times.

In particular, the main material for the production of paper boxes is wood, so the paper box has the ability to biodegrade without polluting the environment. While plastic bags take 20 – 30 years to decompose but still pollute the soil, paper boxes are biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.

Therefore, using paper box is a practical way for businesses to contribute to the environmental protection and reducing pollution.

Besides, when using paper boxes, businesses can freely increase the advantages of the product and the reputation of the business through logo and product images which are elaborately and meticulously designed by offset printed on the outside of the paper box.

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Khang Thanh rigid box

Rigid box: A powerful advertising tool

For consumers, rigid box are sometimes just a tool to store products when shopping. However, to companies and the manufacturing industry, paper box plays a very important role.

Paper boxes are the easiest and quickest means to help businesses promote their brands to customers. The appearance of paper boxes greatly affects the way customers view the products and reputation of a business. Therefore, choosing a reputable unit for printing paper boxes is very important in the development of products and businesses.

Where to print high-quality rigid box in Vietnam?

Currently, there are many companies provide offset printing services, but businesses should take careful choice before choosing one.

Khang Thanh packaging company has been a reputable partner of  many businesses in Vietnam thanks to its modern offset box printing system, high capacity combined with strict workflow, the team of skillful and dedicated staff.

Moreover, Khang Thanh is always aware of and endeavors in environmental protection when directly manufacturing wood products.

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