washable paper bag

Are you looking for fashionable reusable bags? Then bags made of washable paper are ideal for you. Washable paper bags can be assembled to your specifications. You can choose your own size, shape, and printing this way. The bags are extremely durable and will last for a long time.

5 Benefits of washable paper bags

  • Washable paper can be used for a variety of needs.
  • Washable paper can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees.
  • Washable paper lasts for years and is unbreakable with normal use.
  • Because washable paper is a 100% natural product, it is completely ecological.
  • The more frequently the bag is used, the more beautiful the washable paper becomes.

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Utilization of washable paper bags

Given the current trend, the washable paper bag is a trendy promotional item that your customers will continue to use. In other words, long-term marketing for your business. Washable paper can be used for a variety of purposes. Consider a bread bag, a toy bag, a laundry bag, a pencil case, and, of course, a carrying bag. Washable paper bags are water-resistant and therefore easy to clean.

Time of delivery

Washable paper bags can be delivered in 10 – 12 weeks with our own custom production. This has a minimum edition of 500 pieces. As a result, you will have a bag that is completely customized to your specifications. Do you want a custom-made bag but don’t have the time? We can have a part flown in and deliver it to you in 5 – 6 weeks.

Material of washable paper bags

The combination of 100% paper (cellulosic fibers) and natural latex produces long-lasting and strong sheets of paper. Washable paper can withstand a lot of abuse and is (almost) impossible to break. The washable paper does not need to be maintained.

If the bag is dirty, a damp cloth should be used to clean it. It is even possible to wash the bags in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. The material becomes more beautiful and takes on a vintage appearance as the bag is used more frequently.

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washable paper bag

Washable paper bag printing

Pantone or full-color printing is available on washable paper bags. A simple one-color print on the front, followed by a full-color print on the back. The washable paper bags are printed using offset printing or screen printing, depending on the printing method.

Washable paper bags that are eco-friendly

Washable paper is made entirely of paper (cellulosic fibres). Durable and strong sheets of paper are created by combining the fibers with natural latex.

Natural products include washable paper. As a result, it is completely ecological. Furthermore, washable paper bags can be reused repeatedly. Washable paper bags are more expensive to buy than synthetic bags, but unlike synthetic bags, they last for years.

Order your printed or plain washable paper bags today

Do you want to order both luxurious and environmentally friendly paper bags? Then select washable paper bags. These washable paper bags are a new addition to our eco-friendly collection. This model is made of brown washable paper and is available in a standard size from stock.

These washable paper bags can be delivered quickly both with and without printing. Furthermore, because the material is washable, it can be reused more frequently. In addition, the paper is completely recyclable.

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Are you looking for high-quality paper eco-bags? Then opt for washable paper bags. This model is made of washable paper and comes in a brown color. These washable paper bags have two black webbing handles. These bags’ material is washable and removable, allowing them to be reused more frequently.

As a result, these bags can be described as sustainable and ecological. These luxury bags are very popular and versatile. Consider (high-end) fashion stores, lingerie, opticians, and jewelers. Furthermore, a popular bag for use as a goodie bag or gift packaging. Washable paper bags are available right away.

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