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​​The gift always has a certain meaning, it expresses the giver’s sincerity and affection. To articulate that, gift box packaging must also be appropriate too. Here are some suggestions that might help you choose the right gift box model for each occasion.

How important it is to choose a gift box?

Exchanging gifts is not simply giving each other valuable or meaningful items, it is also the fineness in the art of communication. The real meaning of the gift is to enhance the mutual relationship.

There are many occasions when we exchange gifts. It can be a Birthday, New year, Christmas, anniversary, or giving gifts among businesses in a meeting or ceremony… Do not let your gift become too sketchy, just because of the gift box. Here are some suggestions to select the proper gift paper box for each occasion for your reference.

1. Birthday gift box

Birthday is an occasion that happens only once a year for each person. This milestone shows maturity and is often accompanied by small parties with beloved relatives and friends. Guests often send best wishes for their maturity and for the years to come.

To choose the right gift paper box model, you first need to know the basic information of the receiver: gender, age, interests, relationship with you ect. Sometimes, there is a special preference for colors and patterns to make your gift truly loved by the receiver.

Children are always fond of lovely things with eye-catching colors and funny motifs. Try a hilarious cartoon-shaped paper gift box: flowers or dolls if it’s girls and superheroes or cars for boys. The small box with a handle or in a special shape will surely make your baby love it from the moment of receiving it.

premium gift box

2. Gift box for lovers

No need for a premium gift box, choose it according to your partner’s taste and interest. Heart-shaped boxes are always suitable for presents for both boyfriends and girlfriends. You can also select a square or rectangular gift box with a heart motif or a pair of lovers.

The color does not need to be too colorful but must be able to show politeness and elegance. It can be a simple basic box structure in a square or rectangular, with a lid or a handle… There are many gift box models available for you to choose from.

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premium gift box

3. Gift box for Tet (Lunar New Year)

Eastern people believe that red is the symbol of luck, yellow – the color of prosperity and joy, and green – the color of the spring. Thus, gift box packaging for Tet are often in those three colors that are expected to bring luck, prosperity, and fortune in the new year.

There are diverse designs in various shapes for you to choose from. The apricot flower, peach blossom, Banh Chung, or the image of the new year’s atmosphere, … will surely bring a warm feeling to the receiver.

premium gift box
premium gift box

4. Gift boxes for Christmas

During Christmas, people often give each other Merry Christmas blessings. The typical colors you should choose for the gift box are red, white, and blue. Some of the accompanying symbols are Santa Claus, Stone Cave, Pine Tree, or Advent Wreath.

The box has many shapes of round, square, heart, rectangle or hexagon… Whether the box is with lid, bow tie, or handle…  will depend on your choice.

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premium gift box

5. Gift box for anniversaries

On some anniversaries such as wedding day, 1-year-of-love, or graduation date…, we often give the anniversary-related gifts, to remember and remind each other of beautiful memories. For couples, a gift box with a heart-shaped icon or heart motif is the right choice.

For some special occasions such as 10 years or 20 years of graduation… people often send remembrance gifts to each other. Gift boxes, in this case, do not need to be too eye-catching but must be able to show elegance and courtesy. They can be designed in square or simple rectangular shapes, with information about the class, the school year you attend… printed on.

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premium gift box

6. Premium gift box for business

If you have spent time searching for a valuable and meaningful gift option for your business partner, you need to choose a worthy premium gift box accordingly. This is a wise communication method that indicates your thoughtfulness and courtesy.

A premium gift box template is the perfect choice in this case. A charming and lavish box will not only increase the value of the gift inside but also the value of the giver. There are many styles and designs; however, the most crucial information is your logo and company name. The box does not need to convey too many messages but must let your brand name stays on your partner’s mind.

premium gift box

There are a variety of gift boxes for different special occasions. There are available gift box models and boxes customized to your requirements. To get the best gift boxes at a large quantity and cheap price, you should be consulted by a reputable gift box manufacturer.

Above are 5 suggestions of gift boxes suitable for every occasion. We hope they will help you acquire more knowledge to make your gift more meaningful. Let us solve your packaging issues with a safe and quality packaging solution. Contact us to order gift paper box solution:

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