Rigid Boxes – Not only appearance but also the material is more durable.

The huge, firm laminated box made from squeezed sheets or creative papers are stuck to a chipboard frame by the glue of laminating. Hence, the graphic appearance of the cardboard box bears resemblance to its quality except for more fixed sides attributed to the thickness of the chipboard frame.

The quality of the products is more appealing due to the radiates aspect.Customers pay attention to the laminated rigid box constantly. The duration of unprocessed material and eye-catching products arises eagerness. Plus to stunning graphics to offer enchantment.

There is a pleasant feeling when touching an attractive and gentle coat of the product.

The squeezed sheet is stuck to the chipboard by laminating in case of rigid boxes.

Therefore, besides the durability, the box is also equipped with an appealing appearance. Using special technology link the adhesive layer to the sheet equally. It leads to an even and smooth feeling when touching the laminated sides of boxes. 


The magnet in the rigid boxes is invisible in magnetic closure

Magnetic closure provides the laminated rigid box with great exclusivity through operating easily and securely. There is inserted and hidden magnet in the chipboard’s wall that is used machine attached with the magnet in order to keep magnet invisible in the final product.

Uncomplicated elegance- no need for sophisticated graphics

Owning to the appealing cover of the laminate boxes, it is not necessary to have sophisticated graphics. Colored print, stamped, embossed lettering, or a logo can jazz the product’s cover-up.

Neat and pretty edges are created by the groove cutter

Having sharp, nice edges is very crucial in laminated products. Manufacture often cannot meet this requirement.  The groove cutter machine is used to make the edges to beautiful chipboard.


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