Washable paper tote bags are both flexible and durable. They have the appearance and feel of leather but are vegan and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, this bag type is extremely lightweight and does not shrink or stretch.

And, while it may appear strange, it is washable! Washable paper is a biodegradable, sustainable, and compostable material with a natural plant fiber construction that is free of harmful nasties. It is highly tear-resistant and long-lasting, with a distinct appearance that improves with use.

In this article, we’ll look at the many advantages of using washable paper tote bags.

5 Awesome benefits of washable paper tote bags

Washable tote bag – Easy to clean

  • In case it gets dirty or there is a spillage inside, the water-resistant shoulder bag is simple to clean and completely hand washable.
  • Hand or machine washable, it can be washed multiple times.
  • Can be washed with clothes, including denim jeans.

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Washable kraft tote bag – Easy to reuse and recycle

  • The washed paper tote bag is made of tree cellulose and has a lower carbon footprint than other market totes.
  • The cellulose-based product is always being expanded. It has the feel and appearance of real leather but is made of paper. Color and physical appearance of natural leather.
  • Plant-based fabric is guilt-free, vegan, and a natural substitute for leather.
  • A tear-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight, classy, simple, and eco-friendly paper bag.
  • Accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures that the material is sourced and produced responsibly.

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Washable paper bag – Easy to use and carry

  • Washed paper tote bags – Great for transporting up to 20lbs (approximately 9kg) of food, household goods, clothing, or anything else that can fit inside the washable paper bag.
  • A large tote can be used as a reusable grocery bag, beach bag, or daily bag. Its dimensionally stable, meaning it will not shrink or stretch.
  • The cotton strap drop on the large tote is long enough to sling over your shoulder but short enough to use as a top handle.
  • A reusable tote bag may appear to be a paper bag, but once in your hands, you will be surprised at how strong it is. The paper fabric is thick and sturdy, and the canvas shoulder straps are comfortable and strong enough to carry heavy items.

Washed tote bag – Easy to print

  • Color print can easily be added to this bag to give it that attention-grabbing message. To suit your business or product, washable paper can be customized with a full-color logo or a single color.
  • Both screen and 4-color process printing withstand washings and use well. The quality printing of the four-color process tends to last longer than screen printing.
  • The more the printed bag is washed, the more weathered and vintage the art appears. The same effect as a well-worn, frequently washed printed t-shirt.

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Washable paper tote bag – Easy to promote your brand

  • The bag comes with an attached retail hang tag on the outside.
  • Facebook and Instagram have also used these bags for promotional purposes on numerous occasions. Legal professions, travel industries, technology industries, and financial industries are all heavy users of these incredible bags.
  • If you choose to have a custom print on these washable paper bags, your company will now have an eco-friendly way to promote itself.
  • Like a great pair of blue jeans, the more you wash these kraft paper bags, the more attractive they become! Not only do they look better, but continuous washing prevents them from becoming brittle or ripping and tearing.

The five advantages of washable paper bags are listed above. This is an excellent paper bag product for use at work, school, travel, and shopping in stores and supermarkets… Please contact us for a suitable, safe, and cost-effective paper bag solution.

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