In the packaging market, cardboard boxes are the type of the most popular boxes which are used for most goods to limit the damage of the inside products during the transport process.

It is no doubt that more and more enterprises choose and utilize the cardboard box for their products all over the world. It helps create a perfect appearance for products in order to garner the attention of customers.

Besides, the prominent characteristics of cardboard boxes are to make buyers have a good appreciation for the product quality that is packed inside. When packaging is attractive and beautiful, users will have more trust in a product purchased being actually the top-notch one. This is the method of improving the brand’s reputation that always brings a great result for businesses.

custom cardboard box vietnam
Custom cardboard box made in Vietnam

The history of cardboard boxes

We can easily realize that packaging has played a crucial role in the manufacturing industry for a long period. Custom packaging is preferred to pack a lot of products such as clothing, shoes, food, or even hard goods. There were many various ways of packaging that were applied by the older generation. For instance, wood boxes, cartons, leaves, and even plastic bags are used for the purposes of protection and aesthetics.

Nevertheless, the cardboard box is thought of as the type of cutting-edge packaging that reaches the significant innovation in design and takes advantage of the packaging aspect in the world. It meets the complete requirements of businesses, including the preservation and storage of goods. Moreover, cardboard boxes are a great choice with the aim of shipment.

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rigid box gift box manufacturer in vietnam
Gift cardboard box made in Vietnam

Categories of cardboard boxes

When packaging boxes are made from many different materials consisting of a carton, paperboard, and corrugated paper, people usually call them with the term “cardboard box”.

Corrugated boxes, folding boxes, and rigid boxes are the main types of a cardboard box which is employed by lots of customers. The feature of the rigid box is firm and unfold, so it is able to prevent products from the damage of impact. That is the reason why it is usually used for top-notch goods like electronic devices.

The second type is folding boxes which have a flexible ability in an easy way. therefore, this packaging will be a pack for foods, medicines, and perfumes.

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cardboard corrugated box manufacturer in vietnam
Corrugated box made in Vietnam

Diversity of cardboard boxes

The custom packaging box gets the diversity in the types and dimensions for many different purposes. There is no confusion that almost businesses use this kind of packaging to protect their products in the shipment, especially the cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes which are designed in various sizes to meet various aims for many fields such as clothing stores, shopping center, grocery stores, and designer companies.

To illustrate, display boxes are attractive to put in the shop, so boxes for shipping will include more information on brand and goods that are printed outside the packaging. Besides, cosmetic boxes are used for cosmetics, perfumes, skincare products, and cake boxes are packed for bakery and other cakes.

Cardboard boxes play a vital part in our own aspects. Customers can require a model of a box that is designed to be proper with their demand.

Since packaging boxes are manufactured in specialized, providers and clients have to make a considered decision before choosing a kind of boxes. In detail, several cartons are environmentally friendly characteristic, but another will has the importance of protection and storage.

cardboard corrugated box manufacturer in vietnam
Big cardboard box made in Vietnam

Novelty essentials in the purchase

It is clear that cardboard boxes are employed to pack products and ship to the final users at the end of the purchase process. Thus, these packagings are a crucial element of marketing strategy which supports to garner the attention of customers.

It is necessary to make your carton boxes become more creative and innovative than rival’s one. This is because you use the same packaging as competitors for your goods, there are no features to make a prominence for your brand in the current competitive market. An impressive box is thought an efficient method to lure the concern of potential customers.

There is a large number of cardboard boxes with these special features manufactured available. To choose the most proper boxes for specific products that have large dimensions and high weight like wooden furniture and electrical products, you should get the cardboard boxes.

This type usually made from corrugated paper, consisting of 1, 2, or 3 corrugated layers, so it is able to prevent high-valued goods from the damage and accident.

paper tray box made in vietnam
Corrugated paper tray made in Vietnam

Box Packaging – Promote the awareness of final consumer

Retailers will tend to trust the first impression of cardboard boxes because of their beautiful appearance. Therefore, it is useful to garner the attention of people to be your customers in the future if your packaging gets a good-looking and creative design.

Cardboard boxes are able to be made an aesthetic design in many different methods. For instance, they can be a form of a drawer (a slide box), an Egyptian pyramid ( a custom pyramid box), or a pillow (a pillow gift box).

Its special features preferred is the custom of packaging with a lid, a magnetic lock (a hinged box), a cut-off shape (rectangular, circle, and square) on the top of boxes, and a die-cut box. As a result, these cardboard boxes will substantially boost the purchasing needs as well as your revenue.

When a store or a shop employs this kind of packaging, it ensures that potential clients will decide to buy more products than their plan. This clearly shows that the appearance of the product, like the packaging, plays a vital role in the result of your sales.

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rigid box gift box manufacturer in vietnam
Rigid box made in Vietnam

Advantaged characteristics of paper boxes

There are a lot of advantages of cardboard boxes for customers. Firstly, the material that is carton paper is easily used to print messages, information, logos, and images with perfect quality.

It means that manufacturers also apply modern printing techniques with various colors and patterns. Secondly, they have no difficulty to alter the dimension of boxes under users’ requirements.

Besides, cardboard box packaging can help to solve many environmental issues because it is reused, recycled, and disposable material. Finally, the production cost of this type of box is inexpensive, so businesses do not spend too much expense on the packaging. Are the above reasons enough for you to decide to use cardboard boxes as efficient packaging?

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Cardboard boxes – Flexibility packaging

There are lots of color pallets and forms used for this carton box in different orders. When making a packaging model, you can try to print your box creatively. Otherwise, professional design companies can help you make an outstanding box promptly.

They have great printing skills with advanced techniques and strong experience so that supports your brand to be more prominent. the color schemes that are usually applied for cardboard boxes are CMYK, PMS, and RGB. Therefore, you should get advice from design enterprises to have a satisfying product. It is also difficult to print in a small dimension carton box.

Furthermore, to distribute to enhancing the perceptual view of the client, you need to express your particular information on packaging such as brand and products’ name, address, hotline, website, and so forth.

The lamination method, including gloss, aqueous, semi-gloss, and matte will have the assistance to protect the printed details. They also play an important part in preserving the carton from the alternation of humidity and temperature.

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Corrugated paper tray made in Vietnam
Paper tray made in Vietnam

Handmade products from paper boxes

The cardboard box can be recycled according to your intended use by craft methods and your skillful hands. For example, you can turn your boring packaging into a lovely house for a pet, a cosmetic container, or a useful document box. To be more creative, you can make toys for your children like lanterns, pinwheels, cars, and animals…

Depending on the size of the boxes you have, you can take advantage of them in the most logical way with your great imagination. Otherwise, you can search how to made them on the internet, where there is a huge source of references. Therefore, you don’t waste the carton box arbitrarily and let’s be an artist with boxes thrown away.

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