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The challenge for packaging industry in general and vietnam product packaging company in particular is not only to adapt to established and emerging trends, but also to forecast and inspire new trends through observation and privacy. Only vision, so product packaging can play an important role unprecedented in modern life.

In the dynamic food and beverage industry, producers need not only to constantly adapt to consumers’ needs, but also to keep up with the latest trends, constantly improve to keep buyers’ interest. Product packaging is the face of a product and brand, and what can producers do to attract consumers today?

Global resources are declining, population growth, middle-class consumption and the growth of e-commerce through mobile platforms along with other “trends” will be Unmatched challenges to the packaging industry’s ability to improve. 

With a third of global consumption of human-produced food lost or wasted, equivalent to 1.3 billion tons annually, the world is facing an urgent need to reduce food intake. wasted. 

This is the area where packaging technology can play a big role, as the environmental, economic and humanitarian interests are demanding.

Packaging plays an important role to protect food and beverage products, however, when technology development and consumers become more knowledgeable, packaging design becomes as important as the function. It’s power. 

In order to compete successfully, food companies need to find unique ways to make the emotional connection between consumers and brands stronger and the packaging is such a way. 

Product packaging design: Comprehensive approach 

The first impression with packaging is very important, it tells consumers why a product or brand is different. Packaging should stand out with the use of colors, materials and designs. 

When many people have to eat and drink while on the move, they want the product packaging to be easy to open, hold, easy to use and paste. Even with drinks, it is required to drink while walking and can be closed to prevent spills. 

Moreover, packaging needs to be eye-catching because consumers want products to bring both style and functionality, especially when they are moving outside.

Therefore, combining brand image, experience and emotion aspect with technical and functional aspects is important. 

With the growth of the online shopping market, food companies also need to think of buyers through digital devices when designing packages because they don’t touch or feel real products during viewing and deciding. plan to buy. 

Consider what the product looks like when viewed on the screen and transported to consumers. Innovative packaging designs also have many opportunities to promote brand awareness when shared via social networks. 

In order to reduce costs and operate storage, retailers promote the retail-ready packaging (RRP) packaging. Goods shipped to retailers may be available on the shelf immediately without must be dismantled or repackaged. 

RRP is being accepted and become popular in the Asia-Pacific market. Many retailers are requesting RRP from their outside provider.The concept of “Five Easys” of the RRP today is: easy to identify, easy to open, easy to display, easy to shop and easy to discard / recycle. This is an attempt to create standards and measures for RRP. 

Retail ready packaging” becomes popular 

Khang Thanh product packaging
Retail-ready packaging (RRP) is being accepted and become popular in the Asia-Pacific market.

Sustainable product packaging – Protect the environment, avoid waste of food 

In a survey called “Future of Packaging: 2023”, 78% of respondents including professionals and brand representatives believe that the demand for sustainable development will become more important during the time. Next time for the packaging industry. 

If companies, packaging manufacturers and consumers have focused on reusing materials, reducing waste and increasing the use of reusable or compressible packaging, the current trend is focused into large systems.

This trend emphasizes “no waste” and organic fertilizer – both from a consumer and industrial perspective – by taking advantage of biological materials and generating energy efficiently from waste.

The interest of consumers and food producers on sustainable development and reducing food waste has driven the recent packaging improvements such as partial paste and packaging functionality. 

Scientific and technological advances have spurred packaging production trends – both in terms of functionality and funny emotions.

New materials that have recently been used to coat disposable cups and plates have become more efficient. And more affordable than plastic, but more importantly, easy to recycle. 

Smart packaging is another trend

Smart packaging is another trend coming from the development of science and technology. For example, air-adjustable packaging to extend the shelf life of meat and color changing technology on packaging and labels to indicate freshness of food.

Both help consumers avoid wasting fresh food, even if the shelf life says “best when used first” and vice versa avoid infection caused by eating or drinking broken food that has not yet expired. expected use. 

Traceability is also an important issue. Food safety scandals have raised the importance of traceability and their path. If this cannot be met, companies risk losing customers’ trust, as well as facing a more immediate threat of a supply chain that could be contaminated. 

Today, food companies are not only expected to deliver high quality products, faster and cheaper. However, also provide information regarding the origin of ingredients and materials of the product, including product packaging, as well as conditions for production and transportation in the value chain. 


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