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Let us, who are working in printing industry, distinguish the terms and concepts of “package”, “packaging“, and “packaging design” in accordance with professional scope.

Because the term “packaging design” will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the social landscape of consumers, let us introduce what we really try our best to do.

Packaging and Package: What Is The Right Word?

People usually say “Packaging design“, but another translates into “Package design” when looking for a translated word to describe the profession of packaging design. It sounds like when I said it was a tomato, but you could call it with another name.

Actually, tomatoes are still tomatoes no matter how you and I call it any name. However, we can’t understand exactly it in that way when we mention to terminology. As experts in this field, we often exchange ourselves terms with each other although it is not completely essential.

Being a professional designer, I think that among the terms “packaging”, “packaging design” and “package” have different meanings, so the sooner we separate them, the sooner we will help people understand clearly them.

In fact, the terms themselves are not vague, but they are used repeatedly.

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Packaging – Using for the specific purposes

“Package” is a noun. “A package” means a carton, a container, or a sack of goods. The word “package” may make us immediately think of a pack of cigarettes or a parcel at the post office.

Since the word itself is quite enormous, it is generally understood as a common packaging, not for the purposes of marketing, and even can be understood to include both two terms “packaging” and/or “packaging design”.

On the other hand, the term “packaging” is both a verb and a noun. “Packaging” alludes to the materials used to wrap or cover merchandise. Materials, which are various types, consist of cellophane, paper, cloth, glass, plastic, or metal. Moreover, packaging can also be an eggshell or egg container.

Christo, a famous artist all over the world, is known as using muslin fabric as a “packaging”. A box, carton, bag, jar, or tube is one of the popular kinds of “packaging”.

Therefore, it is thought that packaging expresses the purpose of marketing, shipping, preserving, and storing products. That is the reason why “Packaging” is created by manufacturers for many specific purposes.

In the world, there are schools that specialize in “packaging”, the Association of “packaging”, the manufacturer of equipment for “packaging”, and the manufacturer of materials for “packaging”.

These professional organizations contribute billions of dollars to materials for the “packaging”, the specialized technology of “packaging”, process, distribution, and manufacture to provide specifically for the industry.

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Khang Thanh packaging

Packaging – Branding and product marketing

“Packaging design” is clearly distinguished from the two concepts above. The results of “packaging design” often make people think of “package” that implies the general characteristic of things.

This word is a combination of materials, structure, presentation, images, colors, and other components that create visual appeal for the target communication purpose and marketing strategy of a brand or product.

A successful design will create an extremely meaningful relationship between clients and products by conveying the brand’s promise to consumers. “Packaging design” makes use of “packaging” to support the purpose of product marketing. The goal of “packaging design” not only creates a sense of aesthetic satisfaction but also helps to efficiently attract customers. 

Inside the box of a recently sold product on the market attaches a flyer introducing “World Premier” with the message “All-New Look!”, “Same Great Taste! Great New Package” (meaning that with completely new images, the taste is still the same as the perfect new packaging).

The image on the leaflet shows the old “package” with a new “packaging design“. It is “packaging design”, not “package” that will play a vital role in the success of a new marketing strategy for a brand.

Hundreds of “packaging design“ companies throughout the world, which are responsible for creating brand images and conveying the attribute of products to global customers, have been increasingly.

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