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This article will summarize the 8 main stages of packaging manufacturing.

Step 1: The packaging company exchanges ideas with customers

In addition to the common types of packaging available on the market, most customers prefer unique, specialized designs for their products. For completely new packaging samples, the packaging company will work with customers to:

  • Understand customers’ ideas about the type of packaging to produce.
  • Understand the purpose that customers want when using this type of packaging: Luxury paper bags or shipping carton boxes, labels for export products or need POSM to introduce new products.
  • Decide the quantity and the deadline for the packaging manufacturing process.

The manufacturer will have the basis to consult the material, size, content, image shown, number of colors and the best production technique.

công ty bao bì
If the customer already has a design, the idea exchange and consultation process are still necessary to unify the ideas, and create the best packaging products (Photo: freepik)

Step 2: The packaging company will design the structure and product images

In this step, the packaging company will visualize customers’ ideas and needs on appropriate design software. Includes shape, structure, information and photos of the packaging.

The structure design not only shows the shape but also calculates the capacity, bearing capacity when stacked, even measures the feasibility of hanging or displaying products on shelves.

Khang Thanh packaging printing
From the structure, the information to the image shown on the packaging are visualized by the designer (Photo: freepik)

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Step 3: The packaging company prints and samples the products

After structure and image design, the packaging company will make a real design pattern to check the shape, information on the product, color, capacity, bearing of the product to adjust if necessary.

The purpose of this step is to check the viability of the package, customers approve the sample, approve the color before mass production.

Thanks to proof prints (printed samples), both parties can minimize errors before producing paper packaging such as:

  • Informative content, images, typo, unreasonable content
  • Fonts
  • Sizes
  • Colors or errors related to handwriting alignment
  • Margins, layout of bricks, letters

Compared to fast printing, proof printing is significantly superior because the color resolution mode of proof printing is similar to offset printing.

Khang Thanh packaging printing
Khang Thanh will provide proof prints for customers to approve the color and packaging structure before mass production (Photo: freepik)

Step 4: The packaging company will make molds and process printing

One of the most important steps in the packaging process is molding. Molding is the process of arranging prints on the size of the paper to be printed, placing color scales, tram colors, and safety cradles so that the post-printing process is easy.

Set the CMYK color, the color scale at the 4 corners and 2 upper and lower edges of the print so that when printing, the printer recognizes C, M, Y, K colors and easily aligns the colors.

Next, arrange the printouts in the most optimal way, in this stage, the designer will calculate and measure to have a quality product but still ensure the economy, including:

  • Printouts are arranged to fit the size of the paper (to reduce the waste of paper)
  • Arrange suitable prints for the most convenient and quick process after printing.
  • Screen printing is the process of creating images to be printed on aluminum sheets as offset prints, exporting zinc for CTP.
Khang Thanh packaging printing
Printouts will fit in the paper size, not only to save costs but also to speed production (Photo: freepik)

Step 5: The packaging company prints the product

The packaging company will use the offset printer to print the images of the packaging on paper. Depends on the design, the machine will print in 4 or 5 colors.

Offset printing has many outstanding advantages, making it the most favored techniques. The outstanding advantages of offset printing include:

  • The image quality is higher, sharper and cleaner than printing directly from the print to the paper because the rubber pad is evenly applied to the surface.
  • Applicable on many surfaces, including non-flat surfaces (such as wood, cloth, rough leather)
  • Easier to print
  • Last longer
in offset
Offset printing process (Photo: freepik)

Step 6: Processing after printing the packaging products

After printing, depending on the requirements of each product, the packaging company will perform the following print processing steps:

  • Cutting, groving: cut and groove printed sheets according to the designed shape.
  • Stamping, embossing: emphasize a detail on the packaging such as logos, slogan, texts on or under the surface
  • Glossy/blurred lamination: covering the surface of publications with a layer of polymer film.
  • Embossing: to emphasize part of the product surface with gold emulsion, silver emulsion or other colors.
in bao bì sản phẩm
Control of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, space) to ensure packaging quality (Photo: freepik)

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Step 7: Check packaging quality and process delivery

After manufacturing, the packaging company will discard unqualified packaging products such as wrinkled paper, corrugated, scratched printing surface, torn paper, peeling glue. The inspection is based on certain quality standards. This step ensures the packaging products delivered to customers, can achieve the highest accuracy.

Delivery time depends on the quantity and requirements of customers, in Khang Thanh, customers can receive products from 7-10 days after closing orders.

Step 8. Listen to customer feedback and improve quality

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s’s how we improve. ” – Bill Gates

Listening to customers’ opinions is one of the important steps on the development journey. This step is often the customer feedback on packaging products, service quality, delivery progress to help the packaging company improve and provide a better experience for partners.

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