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A good design is not enough, for paper packaging products such as paper boxes, paper bags, the quality depends on the printing and manufacturing process. Therefore, choosing a reputable packaging company will be an important step to bring a product to the customers.

Here are some criteria to help you choose the right packaging company:

1. A packaging company with many years of experience

This is an important criteria for you to know whether the company is reputable and its operation is whether good or not. A packaging company with years of experience proves they have a quality of service that has pleased generations of customers and has been continuing to grow.

In addition, experienced companies have the ability to assess the risk of receiving customer files to advise, timely support, solve arising problems and reasonable after-sales regime.

2. A packaging company with a professional and highly qualified design team

If you already have a design file, the publishing team of the packaging companies will be extremely effective teammates. They will help you detect errors in design files such as spelling, dislocation, inappropriate color system (if any) to ensure a smooth printing process.

If you have an idea but do not have a design file, then using a design service from a packaging company or a third party (agency) should be considered. They will help you save time, realize ideas faster and easier.

3. A packaging company with a clear working process

Reputation will come with a clear workflow. Typically, packaging companies will work with customers according to the following basic process:

– Receive customer requirements on paper packaging design and production

– Discuss and decide design ideas and sign contracts.

– Print test designs for customers to check

– Seamless mold

– Print paper packages in bulk

– Process packaging

– Check quality and handing over

4. A packaging company with system of standards and certifications

Instead of directly evaluating the packaging factory, you can ask them to provide certification and standards (evaluated by 3rd party). This is important evidence to validate a supplier’s reliability, authenticity and good management system.

Some current popular standards such as ISO 9001 – 2015 (Quality Standards), ISO 14001 – 2015 (Environmental Management Standards), BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), ILS Walt Disney (Disney’s International Labor Standards Program) and other specific standards such as RoHS, FSC.

5. A packaging company with good customer evaluation

Most important is the assessment from customers who have used the services of the packaging company. You can refer to these reviews from various sources such as the Internet, comments from relatives, friends, colleagues, partners who have used the printing service of that company.

The evaluation criteria can be about customer service, delivery time, product quality, reasonable price, incentive program, working discipline.

If the company has a good review of all aspects with a reasonable cost, you should contact for advice and printing cooperation. In case of conflicting opinions on service quality, you can consider and choose other suitable partners.

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