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The advantages of product floor stand display make them a great contender in trade marketing campaigns. In this article, Khang Thanh will summarize the outstanding features of the paper floor stand to help you get better understanding.

What is a paper floor stand display?

Floor stand display is a term referring to a product shelf made of Duplex, Ivory, Couche paper, art paper, etc. in combination with 3 – 5 – 7 layers of corrugated cardboard. Paper material depends primarily on specific needs of customers. Offset printing is the most prevalently applied printing technique.

Shelves come in a great variety of different sizes but in general, they consist of 3 parts –  bottom, body and top. To attract customers, chosen colours are vividly diverse and prominent.

Following customers’ requirements, the size of the floor stand can be adjusted accordingly. After the printing process is finished, the POS display’s surface will be gingerly treated using techniques such as glossy lamination, UV shaping, UV embossing or letterpress.

floor stand display Khang Thanh packaging company in Vietnam

Floor stand display: When to use?

Paper floor stand is a go-to option for businesses to display one or a few certain products. In the food industry, for example, a floor stand is all-year-round used to showcase a product line of sweet treats.

Display time span can take short or long depending on the company’s plan. In general, a paper floor stand is set to be designated in accordance with the media concept at special phases like Tet, Christmas or other major holidays of the year to promote new products.

Depending on periods of the year, paper floors stand are designed accordingly. For example, at Tet holiday, design patterns of apricot blossom, peach blossom, and banh chung are applied almost everywhere.

In the Christmas atmosphere, paper floor stands carry the images of pine trees or snow houses. At Halloween, the decorative motifs are pumpkin, animated characters and so on.

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Amazing benefits of floor stand displays

1. POS display – Cost savings

The first advantage that businesses cannot ignore is budget saving. Since it is made mainly from paper, floor stand display requires much less effort on design, printing, transportation than those made of plastic, stainless steel, etc.

When floor stands are delivered to units of sale, staff can assemble the shelves themselves in no time. Thanks to this great great feature,businesses are able to save a lot of costs, time, storage space, and human resources.

In addition, paper is also an environmentally friendly material. When we finish using it, we can recycle easily.

floor stand display Khang Thanh packaging company in Vietnam

2. Shelf stand display – Display a large number of products

Paper floor stands can be designed in many different styles and sizes. For light products such as confectionery, dried food, you can choose the floor stands with hangers, multi-bunk shelves, wall mounted, and mini to store items.

For products with heavier weight such as shampoos, cosmetics, washing powders, and beverages, businesses should look for multi-cell and model shelves with large size to increase storage space.

The design agency will give advice on how to choose the right floor stand for your product that not only can display many goods but also ensure aesthetics, save space well. Floor stands are a great choice to meet the different display needs of businesses.

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floor stand display Khang Thanh packaging company in Vietnam

3. Floor stand display – Effective customer attraction

In supermarkets or shopping malls, consumers only spare 3 – 5 seconds on a product. So what makes the paper display floor stands impressive and catchy to the look? The answer is outstanding image design and color.

With a cardboard floor stand, businesses ought to request the design agency to display all the necessary information such as: product name, logo, featured image, message, product-related information, company info and so forth. Customers will be able to grasp the full information easily. Better yet, they can also spend a lot of time referencing the products before deciding to buy.

Even if you can’t sell a product to a few customers, your brand is sure to build up a large target audience. This can bring many benefits later, and will gradually have a direct impact on the revenue of the business.

Cost and time savings, diverse, outstanding and attractive designs help a lot in supporting businesses in new product promotion strategies or festival sales campaigns.

If you need more advice and information about POS / POP display, do not hesitate to contact Khang Thanh immediately. Our company is always confident in the quality, design as well as reasonable prices for customers.

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