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1. Floor stand
2. Display with pegboard hooks
3. Half-full pallet display
4. Full pallet display
5. End-cap display
6. Dump bin
7. Sidekick display
8. Display tray
9. Trolley case
10. Custom POS display

People popularly apply the POS display in a sales campaign of a company. It can help not only meet the needs of design and aesthetics but also save costs efficiently.

Therefore, Khang Thanh – Vietnam packaging company introduces the prevalent paper display in this article in order that you can easily choose models whose features are distinguished clearly.

kệ trưng bày sản phẩm kệ giấy Khang Thành
Point of sale display made by Khang Thanh packaging company

1. POS Floor stand 

This is the most common POS display type exploited in marketing campaigns or product promotion at stores and shopping malls. The quantity of floors is decided by the amount of goods displayed, ordinarily from 3 to 5 floors.

The design of floor stands usually includes the bottom and the rack which are made of sturdy carton paper (usually 3 – 5 – 7 layers of carton). The stand surface will be printed with the product image, logo, or brand message. This type of POS display is often used for products sold in short-periods such as food, confectionery, soda, and FMCG …

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Cestrian)

2. POS display with pegboard hooks

Display with pegboard hooks, or paper board hanging, are often applied to show light-weight products. There are popular products like cereals, and confectionery …

The POS display with pegboard hook strengthens the goods produced by the material such as plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum hooks instead of using layered paper trays. The top of the shelf will be printed essential information of the product and the brand logo in order to garner the attention of customers.

Besides, there is the associate of the floor below and the hanger above in a display. This stand is compact and foldable, so it is convenient to set up at sale areas with small spaces like mini-supermarkets.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: lddisplay)

3. Half-full pallet display

The half-full pallet display usually has a large size, so it is divided into boxes to show appropriate products. Businesses prevalently apply this design when having a demand to launch a new and specialized product line like trial goods at the point of sale. This way usually used for items such as cereals, confectionery, shampoo, shower gel, etc

There is a distinctive feature of this display that is fixed on a pallet, so it is very convenient for using trolleys to convey goods from warehouse to display area.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Consumergoods)

4. Full pallet display

The structure of a full pallet display is similar to the half-full pallet display. However, there is the difference of the full pallet display that is placed in the central area, hall, and entrance.

The upper part of the stand will be divided into many various parts, so each of them will be used to expose products with their floors. Moreover, customers can see products in many other aspects because this display has the opened-floors.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: thesellingpoints)

5. End-cap display

This display is designed in a rectangular vertical shape and the floor to put the product is divided appropriately.

The base of the POS display will be arranged  thoroughly and forcefully. The design of the stand (including colors, fonts, and patterns …) often gets along with the product displayed inside.

The displays with a vertical shape are popularly placed at the top or bottom of many official stores in shopping malls.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Popcorndisplays)

6. Dump bin display

There is a type of POS display with a large-sized box, known as a Dump bin which is designed with no floors. Therefore, it is able to withstand the force well and is proper for containing a lot of products such as cakes, candies, jelly, chocolate and so on.

We have to set it up next to the wall or center of the supermarket, with outstanding color design to attract the attention of clients.

Beside the aesthetic element, the dump bin display need to meet the criteria of quality and environmental friendliness.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Popon)

7. Sidekick display

If you are merchandising light-weight goods and small dimensions, the sidekick display is the suitable stand type for your products. It is designed with two parts: the rack in the back and the floors in the front. There is a glue layer or a hanger behind the shelf in order to settle it to the wall or a metal bracket.

You will catch this shelf type attached on metal stalls in supermarkets. This has purposes of storing all kinds of products such as candy, chewing gum, pills, razors, and toothbrushes…

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Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Popai global)

8. Mini display tray

The display tray is quite small and simply so that it be placed directly on a flat surface. This kind is widespread in grocery stores and pharmacies. In supermarkets, this POS display is placed at the checkout points to promote the purchasing demand of customers.

There is usually merely one kind of product on the shelf which is the most popular such as candy boxes, sigums, lozenges, small decorative accessories, etc.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Khang Thành)

9. Trolley case

A trolley case is a POS display which has wheels at the base, but its body and the top is still made of paper with a solid structure. The shape of the base stand can be round, square, rectangular. Therefore, this type is appropriate for you to push the display to many various positions in the shopping mall to create a flexible arranging.

In contrast to the above display, the portable type is essential to incorporate an internal metal base, so the producing cost will be higher. That is the reason why this model is rarely used in the market, yet businesses can consider it in necessary cases.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Coroflot)

10. Custom POS display

Custom POS displays often take a long time in the process of design and print, but it brings high efficiency. The model shelf conveys the imprint of the brand totally and often used in a short-period, depending on the campaign of product promotion.

This unique, eye-catching design and pattern of shelf make it the great choice at large supermarkets and commercial centers.

It is most suitable for children such as confectionery or car and house models,  cartoon characters and Christmas trees etc. Some beverage and food brands can also design a welcome gate, stalls to attract customers’ attention.

Khang Thanh POS display packaging manufacturer in Vietnam
(Image: Walmart)

Each shelf design has its own value depending on the needs and budget of the business when they set up product promotion plans. Hopefully the above popular shelf options can provide better understanding of the display shelves as well as the appropriate designs for the upcoming media campaign.

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