gsm products packaging in vietnam

1. What is the GSM in paper packaging?

GSM is the weight of a paper per square meter of paper (gsm or g/m2 units). For example, you want to make 300gsm of Bristol paper packaging.

That is a Bristol paper with an area of ​​1 square meter weighing 300 grams. Thus the larger the paper is, the thicker and harder it is. Conversely, the smaller the quantity, the thinner the paper.

2. Why must we consider GSM in paper packing?

Why do textbooks often use 70-90g/m2 Ford yellow paper, high-class fashion magazines use Couche 90-300g/m2 paper, while wedding cards made from Bristol paper weighs 230-350g/m2. Differences in paper GSM are due to the following reasons:

Firstly, the purpose and role of the printed products packaging are different, so it is necessary to select the appropriate paper material. For example, paper used to contain, transport products, transport goods need more thickness and durability than print publications used to store information, introduce images or promote the brand.

Paper weight determines the thickness, hardness, durability, compression, impact resistance, etc. of the final packaging.

Second, having the right paper GSM does not only satisfies the needs of the customer but also creates the best paper packaging.

Finally, GSM affects the entire operation of the printer. If the paper is too thin or too thick, it will significantly affect the printer, which can cause paper jams or internal components. Besides, to have offset printing paper boxes with sharp and delicate images, it is important to choose paper that is able to “eat ink” and “catch colors”.

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3. How is paper GSM verified?

One of the reliable international quality accreditation certificates such as SGS (Switzerland), ITS (USA), BVQI (UK), DNV (Norway). The criteria used as a basis for evaluation In accordance with ISO 9001:2000 – Standards are recognized in Vietnam and most other countries in the world.

In fact, paper packaging manufacturers have pre-recorded quantitative specifications, so you can identify them easily. However, quantitative indicators often occur errors due to objective factors such as weather, humidity, air temperature or subjective such as production techniques (lamination / gloss lamination, etc.).

To get the desired printing and products, you should be careful in choosing the right GSM of paper.

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