Offset printing was first applied back in 1903  by Ira Washington Rubel, followed by brothers Charles Harris and Albert Harris who built an offset printer for the Harris printing company. These are the two fundamentals that make the strong development of this printing technology.

The value of offset printing pages

It takes a whole process from pre-production, to printing, that products such as books, calendars, and catalogs are on hands of the users. To product packaging company, the preparation and design are highly focused, especially the cover.

Nowadays, as information technology develops, online publications often reducing the importance of print publications. However, books, calendars and catalogs still have a certain place in the hearts of many readers. The value of art, knowledge, effort of the manufacturers in the printed publications are still highly appreciated.

For many people, owning books is not just a hobby but a way that they cherish human knowledge, information and creativity over time. Therefore, offset printing products have always stood firm over time, despite the dominance of online publications.

offset printing

Inspired by offset printing books, calendars, catalogs

Today, exclusive book, calendar and catalog print designs are more focused than ever. The trend of unique new style designs gradually replaces the old, simple rustic covers. Besides, book publications, calendars, or catalogs are more elaborate in the use of words to convey stronger messages.

Along with compelling content, books, calendars, catalogs also impress on the form with colorful, eye-catching designs; shaping, diverse sizes with the help of printing technology. In particular, the advent of offset printing technology brings a view, a new opportunity to develop new industries for printing workshops.

Khang Thanh offset printing

The influence of offset printing technology in the production of books, calendars, catalogs

Offset printing has now become the most popular printing technique in commercial printing, with the advantage of providing high image quality – sharp, cleane, flexible with many paper surfaces, and longer usage.

Offset printing is standing at the “hall of fame”, becoming the most popular printing technology used by packaging printing company.

offset printing

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With more than 10 years of establishment and development, Khang Thanh always takes the lead in the trend and catches the technology to bring the most beautiful and quality prints to its customers and partners.

Offset printing technology has been applied smoothly and skillfully by Khang Thanh’s employees to produce paper packaging products such as paper boxes, paper bags, POSM, label, hangtag, books, calendars.

With the spirit of working for the purpose of contributing to society, bringing people beautiful and high-quality publications, Khang Thanh employees always devote their best in the work to bring valuable knowledge from the products.

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