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The stability of a corrugated box is one of the crucial criteria to evaluate the quality of the entire product.

What is the dimensional stability of the corrugated box?

It is simply thought that the stability of corrugated boxes is the ability of the paper material to remain in its original state, not get fluctuations and significant changes. It consists of two aspects: shape and dimensions.

Although corrugated boxes are under the influence of external factors such as temperature, ambient light, pressure from machines during production, human manipulation during processing, and transportation, the good one will have high stability and less deformation.

How does the dimensional stability of paper affect corrugated box quality?

The stability of paper greatly affects the entire quality of the corrugated box. For instance, two boxes put together in an environment of equal humidity. High stability cartons will be less affected than the other.

In detail, a corrugated box with low-quality paper will be deformed due to the size of cellulose fibers altered under the effect of water. When the fibers bulge or shrink, the packaging changes its shape accordingly.

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However, most of the fiber in a paper has been oriented in the direction of the paper machine, so changing in environmental humidity will abnormally cause swelling and contraction of the paper during the production of corrugated box packaging. Consequently, it is difficult to determine their diameter correctly.

Depending on the properties of each type of paper, the swelling because of improper moisture is different, so it is difficult to accurately assess the physical and mechanical properties of the box packaging.

Therefore, changes in paper size stability of carton packaging also vary that are able to seriously affect the production process.

Khang Thanh corrugated box
Big corrugated box sample for house ware, furniture ect

Dimensional stability of the carton paper also triggers creasing and rolling

A corrugated box with poor size stability will trigger several issues such as the imperfectly printed color on carton packaging when using offset printing as well as the warped, twisted, and crumpled surface of the paper when using laser printing.

It can be said that dimensional stability plays a vital role in the quality of cardboard box packaging. Thus, control of influencing factors is essential to create products which meet customer quality standards.

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Currently, there are many methods to stabilize corrugated box dimensions, so the innovation of the production process combined with necessary additives is trusted by many businesses.

However, an indispensable issue that should be of great concern to many manufacturers is an appropriate environment for preserving paper material in carton packages to limit negative environmental impacts on its quality.

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