Rigid cardboard slide boxes consist of various types which have no certain name to call. This is a rigid box with a sleeve, like a drawer, it is known as a cardboard slide box, a rigid gift box, a drawer box, or a sleeve box. The main material of this box is rigid cardboard.

Then, we will talk about the customized options for this rigid cardboard slide box specifically. A brown or black paper is used to laminate on the surface of the rigid sleeve box under the printing custom so that there is a fashionable and environmentally friendly sleeve box packaging.

There are 4 various pull kinds of a rigid cardboard slide box

1. Opening by pulling a ribbon

When you want to open a cardboard slide box, you have to slide the inner drawer of the sleeve out from the one side since the others usually fixed with the box. Therefore, you can only open it by pushing the drawer or pulling it from the other side of the box.

To start, we will mention the common rigid slide box which is the type of pull box packaging with ribbon. We have a lot of choice of available ribbons’ colors and styles to put together with box sleeve printing to create a beautiful appearance of product packaging which be able to attract the attention of customers.

Khang Thanh cardboard slide box

2. Opening with a rope pull

In addition to the pull ribbon of a rigid slide box, there is a kind of a rope pull for your cardboard slide box that you can use a linen rope with the same color as the box to create the harmony and uniqueness of the drawer gift box.

This type will make a sleeve box packaging become impressed for your customers when choosing products. For example, an eye-catching brown box attached with a black logo on the top of sleeve box packaging will the best choice for high-end products.

3. Opening with a cut notch pull.

You are a fastidious customer who likes the simplest things, so rigid sleeve box with ribbon or rope probably will not make you satisfied. Let come with the third option, a cardboard slide box with a finger notch cut is the perfect choice for minimalism, making the product easy to open.

A notch hole cut will create a hole in the drawer, which will prevent the gift box from being completely discreet. Or with another model, the notch hole cut will be glued by a small piece of a different color or even no color with the aim of making the box more exquisite.

If you do not feel uncomfortable about the above, the box with finger notch pull is a great cardboard slide box type for your product.

Khang Thanh cardboard slide box

 4. Opening with no pull on the drawer

As you may know, the rigid sliding box with ribbon or finger notch pull is the type of box that is fixed on one side, so we can use the ribbon or notch pull open the box more easily.

However, without the pull-on box type, there is no need for the above fix so that you can conveniently open the box on any side, just pushing the box drawer with your hand.

There are many people who call this type of sleeve box packaging is the cardboard matchbox type because they look quite similar to matchboxes. Besides, customer can frequently require a box sleeve printing with a message.

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Custom sliding drawer present boxes with various kinds of insert choices

A customized cardboard slide box with a cardboard insert

To fix your items firmly without any movement you can opt to have a paper cardstock insert. In that case, you can use paper cardstock with a die-cut shape which suits your items.

Or it can be a white cardstock customized with printed patterns. As you may know, paper inserts are considered to be friendlier with the environment than other inserts such as foam insert and plastic insert.

In addition, if you want to bring a stylish and natural look to your products, packaging with paperboard will be the best choice.

A customized cardboard slide box with die-cut foam insert

A custom die-cut foam insert would be another good choice for packaging in case a paperboard can’t meet your requirements. The foam inserts consist of 3 main kinds which are soft XPE foam insert, medium hardness EPE foam insert, and finally, hard EVA foam insert.

Black, white, and grey are the preferred colors, yet sometimes, it can be coated in velvet with the aim of bringing luxury appearance. It is easy die-cut to many holes to fit your products and besides that, it is cheap for a low minimum order quantity when compared to plastic vacuum insert.

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A customized cardboard slide box with transparent plastic on the top

You may sometimes want to have a special packaging with a clear window patched on the sleeve box so that your clients can see your products inside clearly. In that case, you will need a transparent PCV in which a logo is printed, or simply you just need a clear window without any film glued.

Besides the traditional shape which is rectangular, you can customize it based on your favorite and your products as well.

Khang Thanh cardboard slide box

A customized cardboard slide box with carrying handle

Attaching 2 handles on the rigid drawer boxes is a good choice if you don’t want to wrap a large size box for your customer in a paper bag.

You can choose the handle on your own style: a color ribbon one or simply a paper one. You can always have more choices for customized box packaging.

A customized printed brown cardboard slide box

That the branded logo and artwork should be beautifully customized in the package is a priority. This can be easily printed in one color or more, depending on your own style nowadays.

However, when the customers opt for a paper box packaging, they are trying to keep the natural look of the packaging by using simple printing and simple artwork.

Khang Thanh cardboard slide box

A customized black cardboard slide box

Besides brown paper wrapped cardboard drawer boxes, customers can choose matte black one. These matte black must be the best choice if you are looking for a simple, yet decent and impressive look with simple hot foil stamping or spot UV logo.

A customized white cardboard slide box with colorful printing

Box sleeve printing is usually simple with simple printing and finish. Therefore, if you are looking for drawer gift boxes with more complicated custom printed, then let’s choose a white art paper coated rigid boxes which is suitable for exquisite color printing. They are used as the most common paper material for box making and also printing.

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