Surprised facts about paper bags:

  • 79% believe that paper is more pleasant to handle and touch
  • 93% agree that paper is sustainable and should be used more as packaging
  • 86% agree that if they can choose between paper packaging or another material, they choose paper. In a survey by the European Commission
  • 70% of consumers voted in favour of banning single-use, non-biodegradable bags in supermarkets
  • 80% agree that only materials that are biodegradable in natural conditions (i. E. On soil, in freshwater and/or in the sea) are to be called biodegradable
Khang Thanh paper bag

Environmental concerns of Europeans:

  • Increased demand for environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Less waste production
  • Easy-to-understand certifications
  • Environmentally friendly materials: renewable, biodegradable and reusable
  • Good packaging is what “is good for me and for the Earth.”

1. The paper bag that enhances your brand in retail

Putting value in the hands of the customers shopping bags are used by retailers to protect customer purchases and to make them easier to transport.

Paper bags must fulfil the following functions as packaging: Have adequate capacity to safely carry the volume of goods that have been purchased. Be strong enough to support the weight of the goods inside whilst being able to withstand the rigours of transportation.

Be a good medium to support your brand equity. Paper has many favourable characteristics. Paper is very tactile and its stiff surface allows for excellent printability and colour reproduction.

Be well adapted to the social and legal values of the environment in which it will be used, given that it is a very visible part of the corporate social responsibility that a retail brand can develop.

paper bag in vietnam

These are the functions that are used when assessing the material used for bags, and this is where paper bags play a strategic role to help retailers achieve the following objectives:

  • Dispense truly sustainable bags
  • Support a new consumer culture
  • Improve delivery of purchases
  • Advertise with imagination
  • Remain in the minds of buyers
  • Demonstrate social responsibility

2. The paper bag that is the centre of attention

Paper bags are an excellent vehicle to project the brand image of retailers, achieving maximum visibility within their environment and generating great appreciation from customers. Paper bags allow great creativity and development of the brand image due to their shape, texture and print quality.

  • 85% of passers-by notice the messages printed on paper bags they see on the street.
  • 80% of consumers think that a brand Printed on paper is more pleasant and attractive.

The paper bag is an inexpensive advertising medium which is available to all businesses and is very effective in making an impact throughout the city.

paper bag in vietnam

3. The paperbag full of emotions

Offering paper bags says a lot about a business – it conveys a message of appreciation for the environment and improves the quality of life of consumers. Distribution is a clear example of values such as commitment, personalisation and proximity in order to efficiently satisfy your customers. Paper bags reaffirm those values because they present unique features and benefits for the consumer.

Paper bags create emotional links between the retailer and their customers since, when they reuse the bag, they often use it to carry their personal belongings. Using paper bags also involves giving a clear signal of commitment to the environment:

  • By using packaging made from renewable
  • Recyclable and biodegradable sources
  • Collaborating effectively in reducing the use of non-biodegradable shopping bags
  • Promoting greater environmental education.
Khang Thanh paper bag

The bag that carries anything

1. Quality standard

A paper bag is the perfect packaging for a wide range of products – from luxury, fashion and decorative items to food, pharmaceuticals and electronics. To increase market penetration, the suitability of paper bags to withstand heavy weights and all kinds of products for purchase can be tested.

Paper bag durability can be measured in accordance with the European test standard EN13590:2003. This standard is based on scientifically conducted studies and will help retailers to avoid poor-quality carrier bags.

2. Quality certification system

The quality certification system for paper bags is based on the test standard EN13590:2003. This test method subjects the carrier bag to heavy weights while being lifted repeatedly. The size of the paper bag is taken into account in the tests because the larger its volume, the heavier the load it must be able to carry. As a result of the certification, the paper bag is marked with the weight and volume it may carry.

Test method
1. The bag is filled with high-density polyethylene cylinders and then hung by its handles on the grip of the tester.
2. The test is started and the filled bag is first lifted and then lowered onto the table at a well-defined speed.
3. This lifting procedure continues until the bag breaks or has been lifted 20 times. For a quality to pass a certain weight, 19 out of 20 bags must withstand 20 lifts each.

recycled paper bag
  • The impact of the right material: A strong and durable bag is a real asset to a retailer. It protects the goods, reduces waste and saves money. The key to performance lies in the material and the construction of the bag. It is wise to choose a tested and certified paper bag.
  • Strong kraft papers: Kraft paper is an excellent choice for carrier bags that must withstand heavy loads. It is especially developed for demanding packaging and is made from slow-growing spruce and pine from sustainably managed forests. The long fibres of the trees result in papers with high strength and durability.
  • Construction is important: The tests and analyses that have been carried out show that constructive elements affect the paper bag’s performance. The choice of glue and a proficient construction of the handles add to the bag’s strength and durability.
Khang Thanh paper bag

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V. The bag that is compliant

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have enacted Directive (EU) 2015/720 of 29 April 2015, which amends Directive 94/62/EC as regards reducing the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags.

The aim of this new legislation is to reduce plastic waste in our environment. Littering of plastic carrier bags leads to a widespread problem of rubbish in water bodies, threatening aquatic ecosystems worldwide. Furthermore, littering of plastic carrier bags is an inefficient use of resources.

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In order to promote a sustained reduction in the average consumption level of lightweight plastic carrier bags, EU member states may take measures such as pricing, the use of taxes and fees or restrictions on placing such bags in the market. However, it is mandatory for all EU member states to include at least one of the following:

  • The adoption of measures ensuring that the annual consumption level does not exceed 90 lightweight plastic carrier bags per person by 31 December 2019 and 40 lightweight plastic carrier bags per person by 31 December 2025, or equivalent targets set in weight. Very lightweight plastic carrier bags may be excluded from national consumption objectives.
  • The adoption of instruments ensuring that, by 31 December 2018, lightweight plastic carrier bags are not provided free of charge at the point of sale of goods or products, unless equally effective instruments are implemented. Very lightweight plastic carrier bags may be excluded from those measures.
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The paper bag that is part of a sustainable future

Increased knowledge of environmental and social issues has led consumers to demand products that are produced in a more sustainable way. This is why bio-based products are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers are now far more interested in topics such as:

  • The sustainability credentials of the raw materials used in manufacturing
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Recycling

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paper bag in vietnam

The paper bags industry in Europe is among the most dynamic and innovative industries. With a modern processing industry, paper bag manufacturers and paper producers create jobs and drive new solutions to meet the multiple needs not only of all sectors of distribution and product manufacturers, but also of the consumers. Paper bag manufacturers are part of the value chain of the macro paper sector.


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