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If you are looking for a paper bags manufacturer (especially in Vietnam) that can meet your desired size and designs, here are some suggestions for you.

1. Decide the size of paper bags you want

The cost of a packaging product depends quite a lot on its size. A small bag usually costs much less than a larger one, depending on the production materials and shipping costs.

Khang Thanh premium paper bag
Decide the size and number of paper bags to order will give you the best quotes in the process of finding a supplier (Image: freepik)

2. Decide the number of paper bags to produce

A simple paper bag that you carry around every day needs to go through many complicated stages such as design, layout, mold making, product printing, folding, sticking, punching eyelet holes (if any), making straps, and other techniques such as: metal pressing, submerged stamping, embossing, UV/vanish coating, laminating, glossy film.

The more paper bags you want, the lower cost will be. Since in the manufacturing process, packaging companies will reduce the cost of compensation, saving time to prepare the machine and human source.

Therefore, in order to get the best price for paper bags in Vietnam, you should order large quantities instead of chopping many times into smaller quantities.

3. Decide the colors of the paper bags

The price of a paper bag product depends very much on the number of colors you want to print, including special requirements such as metallic color. Example, a monochrome color logo always costs less than a logo that requires complex tinting techniques.

thiết kế bao bì giấy
CMYK color is a good choice in offset printing – the best quality and saving cost method for high volume orders (Image: Rhea Lelina Manglapus)

4. Select the appropriate paper type for paper bags

A premium, affordable paper bag product depends heavily on the material and paper weight. This is not only aesthetic but also determines the bearing capacity, toughness, durability of paper bags when containing products inside.

Here are 3 types of favored paper nowadays:

White or brown Kraft paper, quantitative 120 – 160 gsm

Kraft paper is uncoated so it feels natural, rustic, and friendly. You will see this type of paper bag is often printed with the twisting straps or folded paper rope.

Khang Thanh premium paper bag
Kraft paper bags are suitable for products that are rustic and natural (Image: freepik)

Recycled white, brown or printed paper

As same as other uncoated papers, recycled paper is recycled from used paper, so this is an environmentally friendly option, which is gradually becoming a common trend.

túi giấy tái chế
Kraft paper bag is the right choice in terms of environmental protection (Image: freepik)

Fine art paper

Fine art paper which is made from pulp is a great choice with a smooth surface that allows the ink to absorb thoroughly and evenly. Common quantitatives include:

– Color art paper quantitative 120 – 130 gsm

Diverse with different types of colors, colored art paper brings depth and opacity. With a smooth surface, good ink absorption and high strength, this type of paper is commonly used for one-color printing paper bags, combined with other techniques to increase effects such as embossing, embossing, UV / varnish coating.

– White coated art paper 170 – 300 gsm

This high-end paper line is covered with a mixture of mineral powder and thin glue by special rollers. This process makes white coated paper more special than other types. This also makes printing details on paper bags more vivid, clear and colorful. Its quantitative ranges from 170 – 300 gsm.

Khang Thanh premium paper bag
Fine art paper bag – high class and luxurious appearance (Image: freepik)

5. Select paper bags straps

There are countless different types of paper bag straps, depending on the size, paper type and design.

  • Twisted straps

This type of strap is usually simple, with good strength and high economic efficiency. Made from 100% recyclable materials, it is also environmentally friendly. This bag has the option of brown, white or printed according to the color of the bag – available in standard or advanced ranges.

  • Rope straps

Rope paper bag straps made from cotton or PP. This type of strap is simple, softer than twisted paper straps, and is at an affordable cost.

How to fix the string into eyelet hole?

– T-lace: You can make plastic wraps in the same colors with two ends of the same color with the string to create a unified whole. Using plastic wrap to prevent the pocket strap from sliding from the eyelet is the simplest way.

– Knot: Instead of plastic wraps, you can also fix it with a knot. Compared with T-lace, this method takes more time to finish so the price is also higher. However, it is suitable for handmade products.

  • Die-cut

A very popular type of handleless bag strap is the die-cut, which will be created during the die-making process. Die-cut paper bags are modern and easily stored in shops.

lịch bàn
  • Ribbon straps

Ribbon straps have never been unpopular because of its convenience: diversed colors, flexible for logos and brand slogan. Ribbon straps are suitable for high-end paper bags thanks to their softness, increasing the attractiveness of paper bags.

To secure the ribbon straps, the manufacturer will not use T-laces or knots, but hide it on the inside edge of the bag. This contributes to the increased elegance and style inherent in high-end paper bags.

túi giấy quai ruy băng

6. Decide whether or not to laminate paper bags?

Lamination is a method of laminating a thin layer of plastic onto paper to protect the printing surface. Laminating helps the paper bag be more tear resistant, water resistant and more reusable.

Lamination is generally divided into two types: glossy lamination and blurred lamination.

  • Gloss film suitable for high-class paper bags needs sharpness and clarity of every detail, creating a sense of health and modernity.
  • Blurred lamination is suitable for paper bags that need to show softness and elegance. Both methods prevent the bags from dirt, smudges or fingerprints.

7. Decide the extra techniques after printing

To make the paper bag look more eye-catching, attractive and more advanced, you can add some of the following techniques:

  • Print inside the bag: The inside of a standard bag is usually white or the color of paper. It would be great if you want the bag to stand out, more unique by printing more details or array of colors in inside the bag.
  • UV/vanish coating is perfect if you want to emphasize or highlight a part of a paper bag, usually a logo, slogan or design details.
  • Embossing is a method that makes a detail on the paper bag concave or convex compared to the paper surface, forming sophisticated 3D blocks for the product.
  • Pressing is the most popular choice, especially for high-class bags of wine, watches, jewelry.  The yellow/white color of the emulsion gives a premium look to the product.

Once you understand all of the options above, you can confidently order them at a paper bag manufacturing company. But if you still have questions or need clear advice at a certain step, we are here to help you.


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