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Shelf ready packaging(SRP), aka retail-ready packaging, shows up on the supermarkets all over the world. It is a real win-win solution for 3 parties – manufacturers, retailers and end-users so many brands are switching to invest more in this type of packaging.

Packaging is much more than merely the container for your products. It tells unique stories, it brings about the amazing experience – the things that earn the spotlight for your brands.

As the great saying that goes “don’t judge the book by it cover” but from another angle,  who will have the interest and patience if the cover is super tedious? Likewise, packaging is the first thing that comes to people’s attention and acts as the sales trigger for your product! Plus, on the consumer’s journey, noticeable packaging can be of paramount importance to buyers’ decisions.

PDQ display cardboard tray Khang Thanh packaging company in Vietnam

Shelf ready packaging ensures the convenience

This type of packaging is merchandised ready, which means they are the same in form when put on shelves and cargo. This characteristic makes it the favorite packaging for retailers since they are able to cut down on time consumption and labor cost of the unpacking and restocking products.

All that needs to be done are smartly arrange packages so that they save time the most. Regard it as a challenge and just go for it!

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PDQ display cardboard tray Khang Thanh packaging company in Vietnam

Shelf ready packaging is catchy

Shelf-ready packaging with great design and message can do the trick in making your products shining on the full-packed shelves. Shipper display keeps the products neatly aligned to present the good form of beauty.

The shelf ready packaging itself can help brands increase sales if they are displaying unique, brand-aligned and appealing design. By doing so, your products can gradually win customers’ hearts and win the game over other brands nearby.

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PDQ display cardboard tray Khang Thanh packaging company in Vietnam

Shelf ready packaging lasts long

Hands down, retail ready packaging is one of the top choices for companies that nurture sustainability. Because corrugated cardboard earns its fame as being the utmost sustainable packaging, so it helps much in improving your product’s environmental footprint and also improves recycling efforts.

Moreover, customers tend to go green these days and they are on the hunt for sustainable and environmentally-friendly products and it is a huge bonus if your brands offer those long-lasting packaging options.

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