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The diversity of gifts recently is leading to more various kinds of paper gift bags. Whether it is a large or small gift, there will be always a respective paper bag that ensures its function and aesthetics. Here is a compilation of 10 gift bags for gifts and souvenirs that we recommend you try.

Small flower pattern gift bag with bow

A small gift bag with a bow is a pretty unique design. The bag is designed in a small size. The bag handle is created by a unique paper cutting technique and is also the opening position of the bag.


  • Compact bag design, easy to hold or carry, youthful and modern.
  • The bag is suitable for a gift that needs privacy.
  • Various colors with little flower motifs.
  • Affordable cost.


  • Can’t hold large gifts.
  • Not suitable for giving to big business partners.
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Small gift bag from small icons

This second paper bag model is inspired by beautiful small images with lovely images, suitable for students of all ages. The bag has a folding paper flap design to form a handle and uses a small sticker or bow as a knot for the mouth of the bag.


  • Simple design, low cost.
  • Easy-to-hold handles for easy portability.
  • The bag design is suitable for a gift that needs privacy.
  • No need to combine it with an extra gift box.


  • Not suitable for heavy-weight products.
  • Not suitable for business gifts.
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Floral pattern bag, simple design

This is a gift bag with an extremely minimalist design. When being used, it will be folded in the usual way and glued to the mouth of the bag with a sticker.


  • Handy- because it is both a gift box and a gift bag.
  • Low cost.
  • Easily customize colors and textures
  • Flexibly store products of different sizes thanks to the closure of the bag.


  • Can’t hold relatively large weight products.
  • Difficult to hold when moving, so it can be easily damaged and seem to be lack aesthetics.
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Small gift bag with twisted rope handle

The small gift bag is designed in the form of a bag with a beautiful and highly fashionable handle. It is suitable for many small valuable gifts and is widely used in businesses.


  • The design of the bag has a convenient handle expressing a youthful and luxurious image.
  • The bag is suitable for business partners and customers.
  • High bag strength.
  • The bag can withstand heavy gifts.
  • Various designs and colors.


  • More expensive than the above models.
  • Often need to combine it with a gift box containing the product.

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Cartoon bag with fabric handle

This small gift bag is inspired by cartoon characters with many different expressions and images, with a very sturdy and convenient fabric handle design.

  • Convenient design with a handle for easy portability.
  • High strength, high loading capacity due to the specially-designed metal knot of the bag strap.
  • Various images are shown on the surface of the bag.


  • The design of the bag is not suitable for the luxurious image required in a gift for business partners.
  • Relatively high cost.
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Paper gift bags with ribbons

If you are looking for a paper bag with a stylish and luxurious design, this is the right suggestion. Small design, diverse colors with the same color design for bags and straps. In particular, the bag uses ribbon material for the strap, creating a luxurious and high-class look for the gift.


  • The bag has a premium design that shows the social class of the giver.
  • Its convenient, durable carrying handle can withstand a relatively heavy gift.
  • The proper bag template is designed to highlight the brand of the business.


  • Relatively high cost.

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Small cosmetic paper bag with special design

The next suggestion is a bag model that looks like a real cosmetics product. The highlight is the colors and the bow on the mouth of the bag that creates a professional look for the gift.


  • Unique and distinctive design express good branding.
  • The compact bag is easy to hold in hands.
  • Suitable for cosmetic products.
  • The gift is given discreetly thanks to the mouth of the bag tied by a small bow.


  • Relatively high cost.
  • Only suitable for small gifts.
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Small dotted gift bag with ribbon handle

The idea of using the dots on the bag is various, depending on the colors of the dots and the ribbon straps of the bag.


  • Its beautiful and premium design is suitable for valuable gifts.
  • Durable
  • Durable, beautiful, and convenient ribbon bag handle.
  • The bag design is capable of holding a relatively large gift.


  • Relatively high cost.
  • To create privacy when giving gifts, it may be necessary to use an additional gift box inside.
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Vintage paper gift bag

This small gift paper carrier with a vintage image created by the yellow color of Kraft paper and images of world-famous works in real and raw brushstrokes. Vintage style is very popular with young people today. Therefore, this small gift bag model is a good suggestion for them.


  • Unique design that is suitable for  young people.
  • Convenient handles.


  • Not suitable for heavy products..
  • Low durability.
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Which of these 10 small gift bags is your favorite? Please contact us for advice on more unique paper bag designs for your gift.

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