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If you are confused when choosing models of Tet gift box packaging for your customers, or the models of lucky red envelopes for your business, this article will give some points that you should consider when printing paper packaging for the New Year season.

Tet is the busiest time of the year. Besides the KPI that has to achieve by the end of the year, you also need to care about gifts. It’s not easy to design gift packaging that both brings the spirit of the New Year season and conveys the brand’s message.

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A paper gift box specially designed for Tet will help the company score points with customers and internal employees (for employee gifts). Instead of red packaging or colorful patterns, many businesses are aiming to design gift boxes and red envelopes imprinting the brands. That is the reason why you should choose to produce and print your paper gift boxes.

Choosing typical motifs on Tet gift boxes

First of all, you need to start from the important purpose of Tet gifts, which is to convey the greetings, therefore the images should express this meaning. You can choose the familiar motifs of the New Year such as peach blossoms, apricots, and New Year’s zodiac.

In addition, you can integrate, emphasize or stylize some more typical details of the brand to match the whole but still express the same meaning and convey the message to the customers.

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You can choose typical motifs of the Lunar New Year such as apricot branches, peach branches, yellow swallows, Chung cake, … with the brand logo on the gift box.

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Choose the right paper bag model according to the gift box to create harmony and fulfillment.

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The New Year gift set is attached with lucky red envelopes that will make the receivers more impressed.

Tet gift box packaging – Traditional colors or creative colors?

Whether Tet gift boxes should be in bright colors such as red, yellow, orange … or the color of the brand name is always what makes many businesses ponder. Many people are afraid that choosing a color that is too popular will lead to confusion with other brands, while the color of their brand is quite dark and does not highlight the true meaning of Tet.

The suggestion for you is to harmonize these two tones by changing the color order between the outer and the inside of the gift box:

  • Red- the color of luck: According to Eastern culture, red is considered the color of fortune, luck and symbolizes happiness. The red gift box contains a lot of positive energy, bringing a feeling of excitement, joy, and luck to the receivers.
  • Yellow- the color of prosperity and merry: Like red, yellow brings a sense of positive energy, wealth, nobility, and prosperity to your New Year gift box. It is also the color of the apricot blossoms blooming in winter and spring, fetching joy, happiness, and blessing to the receiver.
  • Green- a peaceful start: On New Year’s Day, the bright green color represents spring, trees sprouting, and continuing vitality. Therefore, the green gift paper box not only brings elegance but also the color of a new start in a favorable way.
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Tet gift box – A wise and economical investment

After one year of cooperation, investing in a good Tet gift is a way of showing the company’s gratitude to customers and partners. This is also a smart branding strategy because this gift will convey your company’s messages to more customers. A beautiful packaging design also contains the story of your product that will intrigue the curiosity of the receiver.

However, for this investment to be valuable and economical, you need to choose a reputable gift box manufacturer to minimize the risk, especially to avoid giving gifts late that might lose the meaning of Tet.
Some pictures of Tet gift boxes designed, printed, and produced by Khang Thanh:

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