What are opportunities and challenges for Vietnam packaging industry?

The food and consumer goods industry in Vietnam grew 3% higher than the same time frame of the previous year.

So that placed Vietnam in the top fourth-highest growth rate in the Asia Pacific region and second in Southeast Asian countries (only behind Malaysia). (Data: In the first 3 months of 2017).

The development of the food and consumer goods industry entails a great demand for food packaging and packaging machinery. As a result, modern labeling and lightweight packaging of all shapes and sizes come into life.

That growth also creates great opportunities for businesses to thrive, especially businesses in packaging and labeling machinery.

One of the most important channels for these companies to expand and get their brand come closer to its target community and customers are through events.

In the list of minor to major events nationwide, Print Pack Foodtech stands out in the packaging, printing, and food processing industry which earns lots of attention yearly.

Vietnam PrintPack is an Int’l Printing, Packaging Industry Exhibition that offers booths for brands to get closer to their target community. Besides, it is a valuable opportunity for manufacturers to join to learn from each other and explore more about advanced technology.

Khang Thanh staffs introducing packaging products in the exhibition

In 2019, the event attracted 375 companies from 19 countries and territories came and introduced a wide array of products and services in food processing, paper packaging, and printing. There were 16.000 visitors including 10.000 trade visitors.

About the event: Print Pack Foodtech is a yearly event that features Coating Equipment, Color Measuring Equipment, Envelope Making Machines, Inks, Ink Formulating Systems, Knives, Cutting Disks, Scorers or Slitters, Numbering Units & Machines, Converting Machinery, Dosing, Coding & Marking Systems, Fiberboard Packages, Paper Bags and Folding Cartons, Flexible Packaging, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Material, etc.

To thrive in this perfect timing, packaging companies must update what market needs.

Vietnam packaging industry must ensure high-quality labels

According to recent research, about half of the Vietnamese end users have the tendency to look for labels and packaging design at a higher quality. Therefore, it is clear to see that packaging quality soon becomes really something if companies would like to gain more advantages on shelves.

At major events such as Print Pack Foodtech, there will be a combination of the latest innovations with packaging design trends. This event let the attendees get the overall picture of the future packaging industry in Vietnam like integrating 2D and 3D printing techniques into food design.

Besides, food manufacturers are expanding their product lines and trying to reach more potential customers as well as retain the loyal base via promoting their brand. And without a doubt, the packaging is a not-to-miss part in building branding awareness for F&B manufactures.

Carton is in the spotlight of Vietnam packaging industry

As stated in the survey of ORC (Opinion Research Corporation) in the label printing and packaging industry in Vietnam, the carton is the most chosen kind of packaging in the S-shaped country.

Amazingly, 70% of paper-based materials are from recycled sources. Carton packaging has been doing so well in both of the domestic and international markets and proven to possess great potential.

(Image: freepik)

The eye-catching design is also important because it gives consumers a clear idea of ​​the advantages of the product. For example, many consumers are looking for foods that contain calcium, minerals, vitamins, Omega 3, micronutrient fortified foods, and clearly labeled products that provide the above information. Popular.

The attractive design is essential for consumers to get the whole picture of what the product is about. All the information on salt and sodium, sugar, fat content, etc. should be neatly noted on the packaging to earn the faith of customers.

Vietnam packaging industry should work more on “Convenience”

The recent surge on the urban population (around 40%) is a great boost to the overall income. This, in turn, leads to an inevitable demand for pre-processed and pre-packaged foods. To suit the quo status, mini supermarkets and convenience stores have mushroomed across the country. 

Some statistics on pre-packaged foods demand recently:

Instant noodles: Up 69%

Ready-made sausages: Up more than 26%.

The speedy increase in the number of those supermarkets has generated the cut-throat competition of food brands on the shelves. From that fact, it is easy to understand that attractive packaging designs bring a huge advantage to the brand itself. It is the time for packaging manufacturing to bolden its importance!

Vietnam packaging industry should be innovative

People love to explore newness. This affects customer behavior as well. In Vietnam, 88% of customers say they have the habit to choose a new item when shopping if they are attractive enough.

Packaging needs to be creative for more than one reason. The unique and trendy designs make products really outstanding on shelves. Besides, if brands invest in creating sustainable and cost-effective packaging, it will help companies in the long run.

Packaging design itself offers great effects on marketing campaigns and even goes the extra mile to cut shipping fees and warehouse fess if it is excellent enough.

Effective packaging design has the power to capture consumers’ eyes in a matter of seconds and give even the most demanding ones reasons to pick up and add to cart. Ultimate designs turn bags or boxes into consumers’ daily containers for other purposes which promote brand awareness big times.


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