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Washable paper shopping bags are environmentally friendly and fashionable items. During our testing, we evaluated the usefulness, weight capacity, and washability of the top reusable shopping bags. These are the top 8 washable paper grocery bags that Khang Thanh’s customers favor. In this blog, we learn more about their traits.

What are washable paper shopping bags?

Washable paper bags are made from tear-resistant and washable paper. As a result, they are more durable and long-lasting than regular paper bags. Like cotton canvas, the material is entirely reusable. Despite being reusable, it does not last as long as plastic over thousands of years. Unlike leather, it is entirely cruelty-free. The paper is made of natural plant fibers and biodegradable materials. We can use washable kraft paper bags for a variety of things.

Are you trying to find your next favorite reusable bag? The best option might be a washable paper bag! To understand more about these remarkable bags and their countless uses, continue reading.

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washable paper shopping bag Khang Thanh

1. Reusable shopping bags with canvas handles

  • Practical carrying case
  • Each can support up to 40 pounds
  • Machine clean or hand wash
  • Adjustable handle
  • Printed with your logos

These bags come in packs of five or ten, can contain up to 40 pounds of goods, and have an interior pocket that you can clip to your keys or shopping cart.

Our best choice is the reusable shopping bag because it is made of strong, environmentally friendly paper. It is water-repellent and has a capacity of five packs for a week worth of supplies. These bags are made of sustainably produced, FSC-certified material.

washable paper shopping bag Khang Thanh

Adjustable handles are one of the prominent features of bags. It allows for a comfortable walk to your car or back to your apartment because the handles are long enough to fit over your shoulder.

There is no need to worry if a spill occurs during your drive home because these bags are also water-repellent. To remove any lingering dirt, simply toss it in the washer. These bags top our list despite costing more than most reusable shopping bags since they are strong, convenient to store, and capable of carrying your groceries.

washable paper shopping bag Khang Thanh

2. Reusable grocery bags with long straps

  • Enduring and abrasion-resistant
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Either hand washing or machine cleaning
  • Each can support 40 pounds
  • Convenient carrying cases

These bags are designed to look like much more expensive reusable shopping bags yet cost a fraction of the price. Since the bags are practical and can store up to 40 pounds apiece, most people or families can fit their entire shopping into a single set of bags.

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washable paper shopping bag Khang Thanh

3. Grocery bags with paper straps

  • 100% recycled and reusable paper
  • Hold 35 pounds each
  • Convenient carrying cases

These fantastic reusable bags have an easy-expanding construction and can store up to 35 pounds each, much like other amazing reusable bags. If you bring all five, they are enough for a full shop or a short run to the store. Throwing these washable, lightweight, reusable bags in the washing machine is an effortless way to clean them.

In addition, the bag handle is entirely made of paper, which is easily recyclable and decomposable. Hence, this version is considered one of our eco-friendly bags.

washable paper shopping bag Khang Thanh

4. Colorful washable paper grocery bags

  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Organizer pouches
  • Machine-washable or hand washing
  • Hold 50 pounds each

This design is the best choice if you want your supermarket bag to serve more as an accessory than a functional item. Additionally, you will receive the functionality of the less attractive ones available. They come in a few colors, but despite that, they are some of the strongest and longest-lasting bags on the market.

Additionally, they have a surprising amount of space for food. You might even be able to fit the majority of your purchases in one bag if you shop a few times per week. Each bag can hold 30 pounds, allowing you to store heavy items like a jug of milk or a 10-pack of drink.

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washable paper gorcery shopping bag Khang Thanh
washable paper gorcery shopping bag Khang Thanh

5. Insulated washable paper bags

  • It holds 40 pounds each
  • Recycled and reusable
  • Spacious bag

Your typical set of reusable bags would not do when completing a complete shop (including dairy, meat, and frozen things like ice cream), especially if you live a fair distance from the grocery store. On your walk home, make sure you have a reusable duffel to prevent food from freezing, thawing, or deteriorating.

Because the paper used to make these bags is so strong, you can fill them with all your favorite things without fearing that they may rip. With its reinforced twin tab zipped top, it can accommodate 30 pounds with ease. It keeps items more extraordinary for longer.

washable paper gorcery shopping bag Khang Thanh

6. Custom reusable grocery bags

  • Recycled
  • Stay upright
  • Machine-washable or hand washing
  • Affordable price

You are already doing right by the environment by using washable paper shopping bags. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to stuff something into a bag that won’t close, but a set of reusable bags designed with a wide, flat bottom can help you avoid this issue.

This version has a sturdy box structure that won’t give way as you pack, making shopping easier to manage. Additionally, they won’t topple over in the trunk, making unpacking as simple as packing.

washable paper gorcery shopping bag Khang Thanh

7. Fashionable washable paper shopping bags

  • Machine-washable
  • Stay upright
  • Extra durable straps
  • Roomy as other options

Use this bag if you want something durable. The advantages of washable paper are present in these compact, lightweight bags, which are also simple to fold up and store when not in use.

The look of plain bags is an attractive choice, especially if you intend to use the bags for purposes other than grocery. The bags’ dimensions of 20 inches wide by 16 inches tall make them appropriate for your weekly shopping and other activities like going to the gym or having a picnic. You may even add attractive graphics or tie-dye these bags if you’re feeling crafty; this is not an option available with a standard nylon bag.

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washable paper gorcery shopping bag Khang Thanh

What to look for in a reusable shopping bag?


Because washable bags are made of some of the most durable and environmentally friendly materials, they are among the most popular. If you’re going to transport cold goods over a long distance, nontoxic supermarket bags and food safety are also necessary. Reusable bags that can be washed also provide durability and years of use.


Although most reusable shopping bags may be spot-cleaned, many people prefer ones that can be machine- or hand-washed for a thorough clean. Just remember to follow the care directions for any bag you decide on and to air dry many of them to prevent shrinking.


Knowing how much you can pack into reusable grocery bags pays off. If your bags aren’t big enough, you’ll also have to bring disposable bags home with you. Furthermore, you risk the handle ripping or a tear if you overload your reusable bags. Some have a higher weight rating of 50 pounds, which is two to three times the load of a typical shopping bag, while others only have a 20-pound weight limit. 

washable paper gorcery shopping bag Khang Thanh

Why choose Khang Thanh for washable paper bag solutions?

We are an ODM – OEM packaging manufacturer for the US, UK, and EU markets. Over 17 years, we have served our customers across more than 20 countries, such as Aldi, Lidl, 3M, Walt Disney, Tchibo, etc. 

Our major washable paper bags:

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  • Washable paper shopping bag & Carrier bag
  • Washable paper storage bag & Planter bag
  • Washable paper backpack
  • Washable paper accessories

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