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The SMETA standard was developed to ensure that manufacturing companies meet ethical, social responsibility, occupational safety, and environmental standards. This article explores five important roles of SMETA certification for a sustainable supply chain.

What is the SMETA standard?

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is a social and environmental responsibility assessment standard widely used in manufacturing. This standard was developed by Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), a non-profit organization focused on improving social responsibility and ensuring sustainability in the supply chain.

SMETA is widely used in manufacturing industries such as printing and packaging, garment, food production, and household appliances… Customers are increasingly interested in the social responsibility of suppliers and partners. So, to meet customers’ needs, manufacturing companies are constantly improving their products and environment.

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Five critical roles of SMETA for sustainable supply chains

Ensure transparency

SMETA helps increase transparency in sustainable supply chains by objectively monitoring and evaluating suppliers’ activities. Businesses must meet a strict standard system of SMETA. This standard focuses on essential factors such as ensuring employee labor rights, safety, and health and protecting the environment.

Reduce risks and costs for businesses

SMETA helps increase efficiency and performance in the supply chain, reducing business risks and costs. This certification enhances competition and promotes the sustainable development of businesses in the long run.

Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

The SMETA-certified manufacturing company can meet the requirements for sustainability and social responsibility. SMETA helps manufacturing companies promote a positive image of their social and environmental responsibility. SMETA-certified helps increase the brand’s value and attract customers while creating a competitive advantage in the market.

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Satisfying customer needs

Customers are particularly interested in products manufactured by enterprises that comply with ethical, environmental, and occupational safety standards. SMETA is a valuable tool that helps businesses ensure that their products fully meet these requirements and customer expectations.

Promoting sustainable development

SMETA promotes sustainability in the industry by ensuring that businesses and suppliers meet sustainability standards. SMETA-certified can reduce the negative impact of production activities on the environment and communities and promote sustainable economic development in the long run.
In conclusion, SMETA is an essential certification in ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain, helping businesses and suppliers to implement ethical, environmental, and occupational safety standards. Manufacturing companies need to understand SMETA and apply it seriously to ensure the product’s sustainability and the brand’s value in the future.

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Sustainable packaging printing solutions

With an effort to always find solutions and take positive actions to protect the environment and sustainable development, Khang Thanh packaging company has achieved the following international certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management systems
  • FSC – Forest and Environmental Protection Standard
  • G7 – Printing Color Standard
  • SMETA – Standards of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • BSCI – Standards for Compliance with Social Responsibility in Business
  • ILS Walt Disney – International Labor Standards
  • L’Oreal Audit – L’Oreal’s Social Responsibility Compliance Standard
  • ICS – Standards of Compliance for Accountability and Sustainability
  • TCM – Tchibo’s Commodity Standard
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