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A paper mailing bag is a sustainable solution that uses 100% paper materials, unlike bags with foam or bubble wrap layers. Khang Thanh offers environmentally friendly, paper-padded bags that provide better product protection. 

Kraft paper cushioning bags are made entirely from Kraft paper, which protects the product during transportation.

mailer bag

Sustainable solution: Paper mailing bag

They feature an outer protective paper layer and an inner cushioning corrugated layer, enhancing their ability to protect the inner product. 

This prevents damage from impacts and dust during transportation. Paper cushioning bags are suitable for packaging office supplies, electronics, clothing, metal products, medical supplies, and other fragile items. 

Shipped products using paper cushioning bags include CDs, DVDs, cosmetics, skincare products, medicines, office supplies, books, magazines, and clothing. 

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Faster Solution: Paper-padded mailers

The adhesive strip at the bag’s mouth allows for quick and secure packing of goods. The practical tear-notch design eliminates the need for scissors or knives to open parcels, providing a comfortable experience for users. 

Amazon is one of the first brands to use entirely paper-based cushioning bags. By adopting paper cushioning bags, Amazon can ship more items per trip, optimize costs, and reduce carbon emissions, all crucial parts of their commitment to achieving climate goals ahead of schedule. 

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Unlike bubble wrap cushioning bags, pre-sorting before recycling is unnecessary as they don’t require separating paper and plastic components. 

Khang Thanh offers various environmentally friendly paper cushioning bags, including bags certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Using FSC-certified packaging contributes to environmental protection. 

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Paper mailers manufacturer in Vietnam

Kraft paper cushioning bags provide practicality and convenience while enhancing brand image. By printing information such as logos, addresses, and messages on them, businesses can easily connect with their customers and maintain their brand image longer and more effectively. 

At Khang Thanh, we provide tailored paper-padded bag solutions to ensure your products remain safe and of high quality. Contact us for fast paper shipping bag solutions:


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