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Choosing Tet gift boxes is a topic that many people and businesses are interested in in the last months of the year. Thus, they not only spend time choosing gifts but also selecting beautiful, impressive, and boxes that suit them.

In this article, we would like to list out the criteria that help businesses choose a proper box template.

Criteria to help businesses quickly choose Tet gift box templates

With the variety of Tet gift box designs, choosing a suitable box model takes a lot of time for businesses. The following criteria will help them select faster.

What is a Tet gift?

Depending on what is the gift inside, the gift box model is selected. For each gift it is necessary to identify:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Quantity
  • How the gift is put in the box
  • Features of the gift…

With the above factors, it is possible to determine the basic design of basis weight, box size, interior design … for the box template. If possible, when ordering a Tet gift box, you should bring a gift for advice on the most suitable box model.

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Value of Tet gift box

Usually, highly valuable gifts will use a more premium box model. Its premium is shown by many factors such as:

  • Basis weight
  • Paper materials
  • Printing and processing techniques
  • Inside and outside design of the box
  • Accessories

The advice for businesses is to choose a box model with a value commensurate with the gift. This is to avoid waste and at the same time bring satisfaction to the receivers, expressing the spirit of Tet.

Valuable Tet gift boxes are often a choice for big partners, with the main features being luxury and classy. It shows the thoughtfulness of the business, the purpose of building a long-term cooperative relationship.

When ordering, you need to provide the exact value of the gift to get proper advice on choosing the most suitable box model.

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Gift box’ colors

Yellow, green, and red are the prominent colors in Tet. Their meaning is to bring fortune, luck, and prosperity in the new year.

In addition to the above colors, there are many other colors used for Tet gift boxes. Colors are often chosen by businesses for branding.

As you probably know, branding is a huge reason why businesses take the time to invest in custom printed Tet gift boxes. Therefore, the color chosen for the brand is chosen by many businesses. Thereby helping partners and customers to remember more deeply and easily recognize the image of the business. The brand identity has since been promoted more widely, bringing many long-term benefits to the business.

In order not to lose the meaning of Tet gifts, gifts with brand colors come with images and messages of Tet. Here are some outstanding choices:

  • Images of green Banh Chung, red watermelon, swallow, apricot blossom, peach blossom.
  • Image of family members
  • The phrase “Happy New Year”

There are many ways to express the unique meaning of Tet, please consult the printing manufacturers for more options.

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Suggestions for a unique Tet gift box model for businesses

The current trend of choosing Tet gifts is choosing a healthy gift. Popular gifts are usually cakes, candies, wine, jams, nutritious nuts, functional foods… Here are some suggested Tet gift boxes for businesses.

Tet gift box – Model 01

Do not use typical colors of Tet such as blue, red, yellow, box model 01 uses gentle and luxurious pastel colors. Along with the pastel blue color is the combination with the yellow design inside to highlight the gift inside, making the gift more unique and impressive.

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Tet gift box – Model 02

This model is suitable for storing products such as cakes. The design of the lid and base rigid box uses the lucky red color of Tet. The brand design is clearly and prominently displayed when using this Tet gift box template.

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Tet gift box – Model 03

One suggestion for a gift is nutritious nuts. The box is created quite impressively by printing and processing techniques, creating a unique and eye-catching look for the gift. In particular, thanks to the convenient design of the drawer box, the gift becomes more valuable.

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Tet gift box – Model 04

One more suggestion for a gift box for nutritious nuts, with a new option of lid and base box design. The design is highlighted with traditional Tet colors of yellow, red, and peach blossom images with the words “Happy New Year”.

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Tet gift box – Model 05

The gift with a variety of colors and many products comes is the gift box model 05. The creative idea is the use of images of peacocks, phoenixes, and lanterns but clearly shows the colors of the traditional Tet. This valuable gift is suitable for a big business partner.

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Tet gift box – Model 06

This is a fresh new way of allocating products inside the box. These products are made from fruits with their packages having many shades combined with a nice arrangement to make the gift more fresh and high-class. This raphe box is slit into sections to maintain the gift intact until the box is opened.

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