Luxury boxes not only are a product container but also are a popular marketing method applied by many businesses nowadays. Therefore, your brand can easily reach and attract consumers with a luxury box whose stunning benefits will be discussed in this article.

Luxury boxes – enhance the experience of customers

The shipping process operates in an easier way when you use a kind of luxury boxes to package your products because of its great features. There are cost-effectiveness, high durability, and aesthetic value.

If you choose a premium box as the packaging of your brand, it will give more reasons for customers to buy your products quickly.

Khang Thanh luxury box

Luxury cosmetic box with hologram effect

Increase the number of loyal customers of your brand

It is estimated that 40% of consumers will return to your store and go on shopping if you have creative and attractive packaging. In addition to the quality of your products, premium boxes also play a vital role to build customer loyalty to your brand.

Customer retention is an essential strategy because if customers are sympathetic to your brand, they will repeat purchases when they have demand. The use of premium boxes will enhance the customer experience which shows the sophistication and perfection of progress launching new products to the market.

An effective strategy of reinforcing the experience of customers at an affordable expense.

A high-end product cannot be stored in a thin and ordinary box with mediocre packaging design. Customers will be dissatisfied with the money that they spend on it. There is 44% of the opinion that the luxury box elevates the value of the product because everyone expects a beautiful and durable packaging in order to protect the product in the best way.

Boost revenue of your business

It is difficult to attract new customers more five times than maintain loyal customers. The profit of old clients can rise from 25% to 95% of your business reaches 5% of the rate of consumer retention.

Besides, using a premium box can improve the capability of rebuy products, add the packaging cost into a product, and enhance perceived value. These reasons will help your revenue go up to a significant level.

A simple way to express gratitude to customers

To differentiate your business from rivals in the market, you should invest in the quality and design of the packaging with the aim of creating a luxury box.

This implies your respect and appreciation to the customers who have trusted your product. Although this is only a minor detail, it will satisfy the toughest customers by your dedication.

Khang Thanh luxury box

Premium gift box – enhance the experience of customers

A luxury box is more professional than stock packaging

It’s boring for customer experience to receive a stock packaging with the same shade of brown as usual. Moreover, you waste an opportunity for marketing and spreading your brand through product packaging.

The connection between brand perception and a luxury box

The quantity of shoppers preferring a premium box attached accounts for 68% because it is deserved with their expense. Instead of using plain boxes, you can design packaging that includes your logo and essential information about your brand.

So that it can help customers not only remember your product but also spread your brand offline marketing. By this way, it also:

  • Enhance the final step of the purchasing experience.
  • Expose your concern to customer experience.
  • Create a more positive perception of your brand.

If you want to develop a lasting brand awareness strategy for your brand, you should immediately focus on the packaging you are using.

The elegant perception of a high-end brand is improved by luxury boxes

Maintaining the quality of your products, you just adjust the packaging to be luxurious and gorgeous with rigid box that is attracting more attention to consumers.

In addition, you are indirectly protecting the environment because rigid boxes will be reused many times. There is 90% of box reused due to its durability and beauty.

The efficiency of word of mouth marketing

Your company don’t cost any money to implement the word of mouth strategy but achieve an extraordinarily effective result.

New customers are recommended by their own friends and family via word of mouth. Thus, people will be able to believe the quality of your brand easily and then tend to make an order of your products. There are 74% of people influenced their buying decision by the word of mouth marketing

The percentage of customers that would like to spread your products through their photos on social media occupy 40% because of impressive packagings such as premium boxes or cardboard slide boxes.

rigid box gift box Khang Thanh luxury box

Silver hot foil gift box packaging

Have a great combination between the luxury box and your brand

Luxury boxes are designed to be enough space to contain the product with its durability and elegant appearance, which guarantees both the aesthetic and the necessary protection for the product.

Premium boxes are a great choice to carry out into your main packaging process. Besides to be totally customizable, you also can:

  • Have the most ability of recycled packaging.
  • Easy for loading and unloading during shipment due to its firm material.
  • Have a clean and crisp appearance with advanced packaging printing technology.
  • Achieve brand recognition easier by shoppers with top-notch packaging.
  • Get branding easier with featured boxes, make differentiation from your rivals.

The luxury box packaging design

If you want to design your own product packaging, you need to sum up the requirements and criteria for a luxury box. After that, you have to implement a seamless design process, including the selection of materials, dimensions, and exterior design. All of them help you convey your message to the user efficiently.

On the other hand, if you’re just a manufacturer and not a professional designer, don’t worry. We will support you with designs of premium box types that exceed your expectations. Khang Thanh is a good choice to save you time and money to get a luxury box that is suitable for your product.

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