Paper-padded mailers, essentially cushioned envelope-like bags, have gained popularity as an affordable and eco-friendly packaging solution across transportation, e-commerce, and retail sectors. 

These mailers come in 4 standard paper padded mailer sizes to cater to various product and business needs. 

The A5 size mailer (197 x 258 mm or 7.75 x 10.16 inches) is perfect for small items like DVDs, CDs, and accessories, offering enhanced protection over traditional envelopes.

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paper padded mailer data-lazy-sizes

The A4 size, measuring 210 x 297 mm (8.27 x 11.69 inches), is the most sought-after for its capacity to hold a diverse range of products including cosmetics, electronics, and office goods. 

padded mailing bags

These bags are entirely paper-made, promoting recyclability and biodegradability, and align with efforts to reduce plastic use in fast-paced delivery and retail environments. 

Notably, Khang Thanh’s express delivery mailers are FSC-certified, ensuring the paper is sourced from well-managed forests. 

Larger items such as clothing and books fit well in the large paper padded mailer sizes (315 × 345 mm or 12.40 x 13.58 inches), while the extra-large size (348 × 368 mm or 13.70 x 14.50 inches) accommodates bulkier or multiple items efficiently, offering a space-saving alternative to cardboard boxes. 

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padded mailer data-lazy-sizes in Vietnam
padded mailer data-lazy-sizes

The design features like adhesive strips and a serrated tear line ensure ease of use for both packaging and opening. With an adhesive strip, users can package products with just a simple step. The serrated tear line design facilitates convenient and gentle unpacking.

Khang Thanh Packaging, with over 20 years in the printing and packaging industry, offers customized express packaging solutions that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. 

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