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You’ve probably got a stash of these incredibly strong bags from Trader Joe’s. Hand-wash them in warm, soapy water, then line-dry them completely before storing them. You can also speed up the drying process by using a clean towel.

However, it requires a minimum 10-cent charge for bags made of recycled paper, which Trader Joe’s is now providing for free. Other Southern California supermarkets allow reusable bags if the customer bags their own purchases and continue to charge 10 cents for reusable plastic bags.

They are made of washable paper, a type of paper that does not hold up well in the washer or dryer. Hand washes in warm soapy water and line dry. The easiest to clean are washable paper bags. Put them in the washing machine with detergent and hot water and you’re done.

You can reuse your Trader Joe’s bag for a variety of purposes now that you have one. Here are 10 ideas for recycling washable paper bags.

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Washable paper wine bag

Trader Joe’s sells a washable paper wine tote for $2.99, and this is how we’ll be gifting all of the wine this holiday season. The paper’s washability is reportedly due to a special blend of cellulose and latex.

This welcoming wine bag is made of paper, but not just any paper. It’s washable paper, which means it can be washed (if necessary), used, and reused repeatedly. Durable, lightweight, and even fashionable.

wine washable paper bag

Line your trash can

This is probably the most practical option, but by inserting a paper bag into your trash can, you can reduce your use of plastic while also giving your bag a second chance. Of course, avoid disposing of any liquid trash to avoid a future mishap on the way to the dumpster…

Use as a recycling container

Similarly, you can use a washable paper bag or two as a container for booze, cans, and other items. If your bags are in good condition, you can use them to organize and store items in pantries and linen closets. Simply paint your preferred color and roll it down to the desired size.

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washable paper bag

Send leftovers to guests

Grab one of your takeout bags so your guests don’t have to juggle a bunch of tupperware.

Create placemats

Make disposable placemats by cutting rectangles from your washable bags. If you’re worried about appearing too shabby, use a paint pen to personalize each place setting. Alternatively, save your recycled placemats for the kids table, complete with crayon packs to keep them occupied while you enjoy some well-deserved adult time.

washable paper bag

Use them to get rid of wax stains

Having a couple of paper bags on hand will help you save your wax-stained fabrics and surfaces. More information can be found in this post.

Make a planter pot cover

Make custom planters out of smaller brown paper bags by using paint and/or paint pens. They could be the ideal hostess gift or party favor. Make a hanging planter Yes, you can cut your bags into strips and weave them together to create an unrecognizable recycled planter.

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washable paper bag

Wrap up a bouquet

Give the gift of fresh flowers and gussy up the presentation by rolling them into a cut washable paper bag. Tie with a ribbon or string and you’re done!

washable paper bag

Fireplace sachets

Give the gift of fresh flowers and dress them up by rolling them into a cut paper bag. Tie with a ribbon or string when finished.

washable paper bag

Construct a pendant lamp

Yes, a lamp can be made from a recycled grocery bag. Give your bag a coat of metallic paint to make it look less crafty.

Cover your books

Cover your ordinary books in paper cut to size to create a cohesive set. Make your own journals Hand-sewn brown paper journals provide a place for your children to write or draw their ideas.

washable paper bag

Instead of throwing away used washable paper bags, you can reuse them for a variety of purposes. You can try bag designs today with a little creativity and ingenuity.
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