PSO standard

PSO is considered one of the best offset printing standards. In this article, let’s learn about PSO through 5 frequently asked questions with Khang Thanh Packaging.

What is PSO certification? 

PSO stands for Process Standard Offset, a standard for offset printing processes issued by the Fogra Academy. This certification is one of the certificates requiring the strictest resource implementation criteria.

Achieving the Fogra PSO certification is considered a significant step for printing companies. PSO standard proves that the printer can print and accurately control quality, consistency, and stability. Besides, PSO is an essential foundation for printing companies to cooperate with large brands in the international market.

Forga is a research organization in printing established in 1949 in Munich, Germany. This organization plays a vital role in ensuring product quality by developing and establishing international standards for color management, printing process management, and printing technology. Forga is a reputable and respected organization in the printing industry worldwide.

Why do we need PSO? 

Achieving PSO certification means that the company uses calibrated equipment, follows standard operating procedures, and achieves target values within a specific tolerance range. The benefits of using the PSO standard include the following: 

  • Ensuring print product quality: The PSO standard provides that the colors on printed products are as accurate and consistent as possible, from design to final production. This helps ensure that the printed product meets customers’ color and quality requirements.
  • Saving costs: Using the PSO standard helps minimize errors in the printing process, thereby reducing costs incurred by reprinting or defective products.
  • Increasing production efficiency: The PSO standard helps printing companies optimize production processes, thereby increasing production efficiency and improving productivity.
  • Enhancing the credibility of the printing company: Using the PSO standard helps printing companies build the trust and credibility of customers, thereby increasing sales and competition in the market.

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PSO offset printing standard
POS helps to demonstrate the quality and printing process, achieving accurate, stable, and consistent standards

Comparison of PSO and ISO 12647 standards

ISO 12647 and PSO are international standards related to color management in printing, ensuring accurate and consistent color across different printed products. However, ISO 12647 and PSO differ in the following aspects:

  • Evaluation method: ISO 12647 uses the evaluation method based on brightness (Lab) and contrast (CIEDE2000), while PSO uses the evaluation method based on ink coverage and screen ruling.
  • Content: ISO 12647 includes requirements for color management in preparation and printing, including color, image, quality control processes, and printing equipment standards. PSO focuses mainly on preparation and printing processes, guiding how to achieve high-quality printing standards, from design to final production.
  • Purpose: Both ISO 12647 and PSO have a similar sense: to ensure the quality of printed products by achieving consistent and accurate color across different printed products. However, PSO is often used as a mandatory standard for European printing companies. At the same time, ISO 12647 is a widely applied global standard and an essential standard in the printing industry.

In summary, a printing company with ISO 12647 certification may not have PSO, but achieving PSO means having ISO 12647.

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PSO offset printing standard
All printing standards aim for high-quality and sustainable printing results.

The conditions to achieve the PSO standard 

The conditions to achieve the PSO standard for offset printing as the following:

  • Printing materials: Printing materials such as paper, ink, uniform materials, printing plates, and printers must meet the technical requirements of the PSO standard.
  • Printing equipment: Printing equipment must meet the technical requirements of the PSO standard, including color control, high resolution, and high accuracy in plate making. 
  • Printing process: Printing processes, including color selection, black point determination, brightness, saturation, and accurate color, must comply with the technical requirements of the PSO standard. 
  • Quality control: Quality printing control must be performed correctly, from checking materials to printing processes and inspecting finished printed products.
  • Environmental conditions: The printing environment must ensure stable temperature and humidity levels.

Overall, the PSO and ISO 12647 standards provide guidelines for printing companies to ensure consistent and accurate color across different printed products, helping to improve the quality and sustainability of printing results.

Who benefits from the PSO standard?

Some many individuals and organizations benefit from the implementation of the PSO (Process Standard Offset) standard, including:

  • Customers: Customers who use printing services can trust the quality of products provided by printers that apply the PSO standard. This helps customers save time and money in quality checking and assessment.
  • Printing companies: Printing companies can use the PSO standard to improve the quality of their printed products while providing customers with high-quality products that meet technical requirements regarding color, resolution, etc.
  • Raw material manufacturers: Raw material manufacturers such as paper, ink, and printing plates also benefit from implementing the PSO standard, as it helps them produce better quality products and increase their competitiveness in the market.
  • Standard organizations: Standard organizations such as ISO also benefit from implementing the PSO standard, as it helps shape and develop international standards related to color management and printing.
PSO offset printing standard
To maintain PSO standards, strict requirements are necessary for high-quality equipment and highly skilled staffs

Khang Thanh – Quality Packaging Solutions 

With over 20 years of experience in the printing and paper packaging industry, Khang Thanh is proud to provide high-quality, efficient, and tailored packaging solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We have achieved the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System
  • FSC – Forest Management Standard
  • G7 Master Printing
  • BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative
  • SMETA – Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit
  • Disney’s International Labor Standards Program
  • L’Oreal Social Responsibility Audit
  • ICS – Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability
  • TCM – Tchibo Certified Merchandise
PSO offset printing standard

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