laminated bag

Why should we use paper bags?

Using paper bags is a practical method of environmental protection that everyone should be aware of. Easily to decompose, no harm to the environment, beautiful, unique, diverse in designs, colors, and models.

Understanding consumer demand for paper bags, most businesses in fashion, FMCG, shopping has turned to these bags instead of using plastic one. It is a smart way to help businesses promote their brands and contribute to protecting the environment.

Paper bags are an effective tool that has a great effect in promoting the image and brand of businesses to customers. While different from the forms of advertising such as leaflets, brochures and catatogue which are discarded after being read, bag categories are often reused.

Eye-catching luxury bags will help to increase the value of the product, especially items such as perfume, shoes, fashion clothes, and cosmetics. More importantly, pakaging bag is also where a brand can unleash its creativity to strengthen its image with colors.


How to have beautiful paper bags?

There are two factors that businesses should considered when it comes to producing bags, which are the quality and the design of packaging.

Depending on the needs, packaging bags will be designed for different using purpose such as garment bags, shoes bags, printed sheets, book bags, calendars, and catalogs.

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If you are having difficulty designing a bag, choose the style and quality of printing paper, Khang Thanh’s team of skilled technicians are always ready to help you eliminate the worries. 

With modern offset printing technology lines and large capacity machines, Khang Thanh commits to produce paper bags that will satisfy all customers.

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