UV coating rigid boxes

Like a jewelry layer, the UV-coated image and text on the surface of the package becomes more prominent and luxurious. This not only enhances the beauty of rigid boxes but also attracts the attention of shoppers.

UV coating in rigid boxes

UV-coated paper packaging is a printing method that works the same principle as offset printing but uses UV ink, or UV offset ink.

UV coating printing technology is more complicated and detailed than conventional offset printing. Because it has to have UV ink drying system such as UV lamp system and other processes such as flame, plasme, UV nitro treatment to make UV ink stick on the surface of metalized paper.

Typically, to create details on the selected image, people often use UV printing to create shadows, lumpy, sandblasting, braille on the surface of the product packaging. When the details are UV-coated will bring intense artistic feelings, unique, strange nuances to the products. Especially on packaging products such as paper boxes.

Khang Thanh rigid box
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Methods of UV coating shaping the rigid boxes

There are 3 commonly used types of UV coating including: full UV printing; partial UV printing; and UV printing by using UV ink.

Depending on the purpose of use, businesses choose full or partial UV coating type. With the partial UV coating technique, we only focus on textures like logos, images. When partial UV printing, we can be combine with logo embossing technique to create a special highlight for rigid boxes.

In contrast, with full UV coating technology, businesses should have UV printing on the entire surface of the paper box. Therefore, the printing cost will be greatly increased due to the higher UV ink cost compared to conventional offset ink.

Therefore, the UV printing technique is often used mainly on high-end luxury rigid boxes, such as cosmetic boxes, jewelry boxes and gift packaging.

Enhance brandname with UV printing technology

With the attraction, the uniqueness and sophistication from the UV printing method, many businesses apply this method on their own branded rigid boxes publications. Therefore, this printing technology is more favored in the vibrant market of the printing industry.

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Rigid box printing and manufacturing in Vietnam:

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  • FSC Certified papers available.
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  • Printing processing: Offset printing, Pantone colours, Inside printing
  • Product finished processing: Internally / Externally glued, Gloss / Matt lamination, Foil blocking, Embossing / Debossing, Gloss/Matt UV varnish, Spot UV varnish, Window PVC / PET