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In the delivery industry, in addition to the popular shipping packaging of cartons, paper mailer bags are also very popular. With an easy-to-customize design, lightweight, and guaranteed goods safety, paper mailer bags are considered a comprehensive packaging solution.

What is a paper mailer bag?

This type of paper bag is commonly used in the delivery industry and protects products from harmful external influences.

The shape of the delivery paper bag resembles an envelope to facilitate packaging. However, the bag structure will be made from materials resistant to shock, water, dust, and other impacts from outside. Besides, the mouth of the bag will have a sealing layer so that the goods are protected.

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Popular kinds of paper mailing bag

On the market today, the types of mailer paper bags are very diverse to meet most types of goods. The following suggestions are the four most popular types of paper bags:

Type 1. Anti-impact paper bags

This type of shipping bag has two layers: an inner anti-scratch and an outer cover with kraft paper. The materials of the anti-shock layer can be flexibly customized depending on the customer’s needs and target price.

This type of paper bag is suitable for transporting goods such as documents, electronics, clothing or paper-made goods.

Type 2. 2-layer corrugated mailer paper bag

The structure is identical to bag number 1, made of 2 layers, and the bag mouth is sealed. However, the anti-shock layer will be made from 2-layer corrugated. This creates outstanding advantages for express delivery paper bags, helping the bag save costs, be light in weight and protect the environment.

In addition, 2-layer corrugated paper bags can become more eye-catching by changing the paper colour and printing business information.

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Type 3. Paper bags packed with tape

This is a type of paper bag with an innovative and convenient sealing design. In addition to using an adhesive line to make it easy to close the goods, the supplier will add a tear line to make opening the bag quick without the need for tools.

Type 4. Custom delivery of paper bags

Customizable in shape and design depending on business preferences and needs, this is a popular and widely used type of bag.

The contents that can be printed on custom mailer paper bags can be:

  • Logo, name or message of the brand to increase brand recognition in customers’ hearts.
  • QR code of the order to manage the bill of lading and demonstrate thoroughness and professionalism in the working process.
  • Special symbols and logos include packaging made from FSC paper, recyclable delivery paper bags, paper bags qualified for export or notes on fragile or explosive goods.
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4 comprehensive advantages of delivering paper bags

Mailer paper bags are not simply a replacement for traditional packaging but also bring many significant advantages to businesses’ transportation and business processes.

Khang Thanh suggests 4 typical advantages of paper bags:

1. Protecting goods

The most significant advantage is the ability to optimally protect goods thanks to the sturdy 2-layer corrugated structure and strictly sealed bag mouth.

2. Saving shipping costs

Light in weight and flexible in custom sizes, express paper bags reduce the total weight of the package, thus reducing shipping costs compared to traditional packaging type

3. Environmental protection

Made entirely from recyclable and environmentally friendly paper, express delivery bags can replace plastic packaging and dominate the delivery and packaging industry.

4. Increase brand value

The last and no less important advantage is the ability to increase brand value and recognition. By flexible size customization and creative printing, mailer paper bags have become a part of the corporate brand identity.

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Nowadays, paper courier bags are a standard shipping solution and a symbol of professionalism and efficiency. Hope this article helps you choose the right courier paper bag.

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