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To guarantee quality, export packaging must adhere to stringent international requirements. One of these is product protection in hostile and unstable conditions; carton boxes are one of them. Therefore, the ISTA international standard was created and is now extensively used in the export carton manufacturing business to satisfy package quality control requirements.

What is the ISTA standard?

ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) is an international organization specializing in the research and development of global shipping packaging standards. ISTA aims to help control costs, damages, and resources during the packaging distribution process.

ISTA standards include regulations and testing methods to evaluate the product protection features of carton packaging. This is to ensure the carton is resistant to impacts and harsh conditions during transportation. Besides, testing will include methods such as vibration, impact, pressure, and even simulated extreme weather.

Why is the ISTA standard necessary for export carton packaging?

International shipping is always unique due to geographical distance and unstable environmental conditions. Therefore, through ISTA testing, packaging companies can confirm that carton boxes are produced to meet quality standards and demonstrate responsibility to customers.

Besides, standard carton boxes will reduce the rate of loss during transportation. This means lowering risks and unwanted costs for suppliers and customers.

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Distinguish three popular ISTA testing methods

ISTA has developed a series of standards to meet specific product requirements and different shipping conditions. Among them, 3 popular types of ISTA are often chosen:

  • ISTA 1: Non-simulated integrated performance testing

This test applies to light goods and does not require high product protection. In other words, ISTA 1 is for cartons that pack goods where protection is not a priority. Besides, the product may suffer some slight disturbance during transportation.

  • ISTA 2: Partial simulation performance test

This is the average level of carton packaging inspection. ISTA 2 will test the ability of cartons to withstand normal shipping conditions. Test items include vibration, pressure, packaging performance, and shock resistance…

  • ISTA 3: General simulation performance test

This is the most advanced standard, focusing on evaluating the protective properties of cartons in extremely harsh transportation conditions. ISTA 3 will have more stringent rules, for example: longer vibration time; and more force times…

Choosing the appropriate ISTA type depends on the product and shipping conditions required by the customer. Making the suitable choice not only saves testing costs but also helps the process go quickly and effectively.

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The Khang Thanh quality control team

In addition to producing cartons that meet ISTA standards, Khang Thanh also has a process to control the quality of finished products before delivering to customers. Tests will include:

  • Bursting: Stacking cartons during transportation can cause pressure and deformation of the carton. Therefore, measuring the burst level will evaluate the standard quality of the barrel structure.
  • Compression: The use of measuring compression is similar to bursting. However, instead of applying force to the plane like bursting, compression will focus on checking the edges of the barrel.
  • Humidity: The humidity index will determine the shape and quality of the carton. Therefore, having suitable humidity helps control the shape of the container and remains stable during transportation.

The above tests will be performed by Khang Thanh quality management staff using advanced machinery and periodically calibrated equipment.

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Goods that are exported must adhere to strict international regulations. Testing package quality standards proactively, such as ISTA, not only gives clients peace of mind when working with manufacturers, but it also gives packaging manufacturing firms more options to export.

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