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The cardboard box for fastener packaging is an essential packaging item in the industrial and construction fields. It’s important to select a trustworthy paper packaging business to produce carton boxes for fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) if you want to guarantee the quality and security of your goods. Khang Thanh will discuss the screw carton box production process at a paper packaging firm in this blog topic.

Corrugated – A suitable material for fastener packaging

The first step in the screw box manufacturing process is to choose materials from a reputable source. A reliable paper packaging company will use high-quality cartons and corrugated to ensure the strength and rigidity of the box. In addition, based on customer requirements, cardboard boxes may need to meet FSC standards and some other certifications. Therefore, choosing suitable materials is an extremely important operation.

Because of the specific nature of the fastener industry, the design of the carton box is quite simple. The box is usually just laminated with a glossy or matte film without any printing effect. Besides, accessories such as plastic windows can also be added to facilitate viewing of the fastener inside.

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Manufacturing process for fastener packaging

After selecting the materials, the paper packaging company will carry out the production process of the screw carton box. The basic process includes the following steps:

  • Prepress section: The prepress team will design the structure and artwork files for the next production steps. Besides, essential factors including size, shape, colour, and printing information, also need to be agreed upon at this stage. Because if you change at the following steps, it will be difficult to edit and lead to expensive costs.
  • Printing: After prepress, the printing process will be done. The paper packaging company will use advanced printing technologies to ensure the colour accuracy and sharpness of the images and the information on the box.
  • Laminating and die-cutting: Next, the cartons are laminated and die-cut into shapes according to customer requirements. This process requires a high level of engineering to ensure accuracy and avoid wave breaks and damage.
  • Finishing section: Last but not least, if no lamination or additional accessories are added, the cardboard fastener box will be transferred to the finished product stage to perform the final.
  • Laminating or glueing windows (if any): For some carton boxes containing screws that want to create accents, the company can perform additional steps of laminating or glueing windows. There are two common types of specialized membranes: glossy film and matte film. Therefore, customers can be flexible in choosing.

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Finishing and delivering process of fastener packaging

After the production process is completed, the fastener boxes are put into the finished section and delivery stage. A reputable paper packaging company will have its own Quality Control (QC) department to check the quality of the finished product, as well as the porosity, compression, and moisture of the cardboard box must meet the standards before delivering to customers.

Besides, the screw carton boxes can be stored at the warehouse while waiting for the delivery schedule from the customer. Therefore, having a large, well-ventilated warehouse and ensuring fire safety will be a point to note that a reputable paper packaging company must meet.

In contrast, packaging companies will have their own delivery team to transport goods to customers’ warehouses in local or to ports for export purposes. Ensuring adequate facilities and qualified factories is a big criterion that you can use to evaluate a paper packaging company’s quality.

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fastener packaging khang thanh

Fastener cardboard boxes are produced using a relatively quick procedure according to industry-specific requirements that aren’t looking for fussiness. Because there are no complicated effects combined in the carton box’s printing, it is also reasonably priced. To effectively collaborate with the packaging firm and achieve your goals, you just need to become an expert in the key screw carton box production procedures.

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