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Nowadays, businesses are very fond of producing high-quality rigid boxes as marketing tools. Because the hard boxes are a type of packaging that is easy to customize and suitable for most industries. Today’s article Khang Thanh introduces the top 5 most popular types of hard boxes.

1. High-quality rigid gift boxes

In occasions that require formality, politeness, and neatness, high-end, luxury boxes are an option to be noticed. Gift boxes often use high-quality paper combined with eye-catching printing effects such as UV shaping, foil pressing, debossing, and embossing.

Nowadays, there are a variety of high-end gift box styles to suit your needs. You can refer to popular box styles such as yin-yang boxes, drawer boxes, or yin-yang boxes with ribbons…

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2. High-end wine box

For the alcoholic beverage industry, rigid boxes protect wine bottles and are an essential part of the advertising strategy.

Besides, the wine box material is usually a rigid leather or wooden box, creating a neat and luxurious look. In addition, to ensure the product is always best protected, the rigid wine box will be designed with a shaped tray made of cardboard or a tray that firmly fixes the bottleneck.

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3. Rigid boxes for cosmetics

Eye-catching packaging is essential in determining consumers’ purchasing behavior in the cosmetics industry. Rigid boxes of this type often have eye-catching printing with many patterns to attract consumers.

Besides, the structure of the cosmetic rigid box is also very special. In addition to using brand-specific colors, rigid boxes often incorporate windows so customers can easily see the product inside. This not only stimulates the eyes but also brings an enjoyable experience to consumers.

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4. Rigid boxes for the electronics industry

The design of electronic rigid boxes often has solid lines and simple colors. In addition, this type is often a magnetic rigid box with a shaped tray inserted to fix the product inside securely.

Although simple, combining printing effects such as foil stamping to shape the brand name, glossy lamination, or surface UV coating can also help rigid boxes become neat and luxurious.

rigid box KATA

5. Special seasonal luxury gift box

Luxury boxes have many meanings on special occasions such as Tet, Christmas, or Mid-Autumn Festival. This type of gift box will be designed with images and colors suitable for the festive atmosphere. This is an opportunity for brands to invest in rigid boxes to promote their image.

In addition, seasonal rigid boxes often incorporate unique accessories such as ribbon clasps, paper hang tags with greetings, fun pop-up cards, or brand name labels.

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The variety of high-end boxes will help you have many options to suit your business needs. Khang Thanh with more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing high-end paper packaging is ready to advise and quote competitive prices. Contact us directly at:


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