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New Year is the right time for us to send gifts to our loved ones. Among the popular choices for gifting friends and partners, the luxury wine box is the most popular choice.

If you have any questions concerning luxury wine box designs, this article can help you find an answer. Let us have a look at two premium wine box ideas for New Year 2024.

High-class rigid box: Exquisite in simplicity

Material: This style of New Year wine box is typically made of chipboard, which aids in the shaping and creation of a solid construction for the wine box.

Printing and effects: Besides popular printing methods such as offset and flexo, wine boxes can also use silkscreen printing. This creates a soft feel for the rigid box but still ensures sophistication in every detail. Moreover, New Year wine boxes often print images and colors with details in common with wooden wine boxes to create similarities during the festival. However, the rigid box will print a bit more streamlined but still meet elegance and sophistication.

Accessories: The luxury wine box for New Year often inserts a plastic or foam-shaped tray to fix the wine bottle and the included porcelain glass. In addition, this New Year wine box will usually be produced with premium paper bags. The bag will be designed with the same primary color as the box, combined with a sturdy fabric handle for convenience for gifting needs.

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The wooden wine box for New Year 2024

Material: If you are looking for a gift box showing class and elegance, a wooden wine box will be the perfect choice. Because the box is made of wooden material covered with leather, creating a superior premium. In addition, the wooden box is also designed with hinges and magnets, making it easy to open and close, bringing the wine box to the highest level of luxury.

Printing and effects: Modern printing techniques will apply directly to the surface of the leather, with the effect of hot foil stamping, UV coating, and embossing on delicate textures and patterns. Besides, the wooden wine box is also printed on the inside, creating unity and meticulousness to create a work of art.

Accessories: Not only stopping at storing wine bottles, wooden wine boxes are often equipped with wine glasses, wine openers, or glassware. These accessories make the premium gift box even more complete and thoughtful.

As can be seen, the luxury wine box for New Year is the most advanced combination in the wine box line. The package shows the sophistication in design and the complicated manufacturing process. Therefore, the production cost of wooden boxes will also be higher than that of rigid boxes, but the finished product will be high quality, neat, and luxurious.

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In the meaningful Tet atmosphere, choosing the right gift not only shows gratitude but also shows the delicate taste of the giver. The above 2 types of high-class wine boxes show uniqueness and sophistication. Contact Khang Thanh for more advice on how to choose a luxury wine box for relatives and partners in the upcoming Tet 2024.


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