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Paper packaging is a direct marketing tool to potential customers. A beautiful, eye-catching packaging design with all the necessary content will maximize promotional effectiveness. This article will introduce the contents that should be displayed on paper packaging.

1. Brand name and slogan:

The most important information that needs to be printed prominently on paper packaging is the brand name and a slogan. This couple plays the role of creating brand and product identity in the hearts of consumers. The brand name must be unique, easy to remember, and accompanied by an attractive slogan to make a strong impression.

Besides, the brand name needs to be printed in the largest size, placed in a central position, and use unique effects to attract customers. Commonly applied effects when printing brand names on paper packaging include the following 5 types: debossing, embossing, foil pressing, UV shaping, and multi-layer printing.

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2. Printing detailed product information:

Detailed information on paper packaging helps consumers better understand the product before purchasing. Data often includes ingredients, materials, origin, and weight…

  • In addition, for some specific product industries, a packaging needs to display the following information fully:
  • Food paper packaging: Nutritional value and transparent ingredient list.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging: Note the printing of detailed ingredients, recommendations, and side effects after use.
  • Paper packaging for electronics: This type of packaging needs to print detailed technical specifications and how to operate and use.
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3. Instructions for use and storage:

Similar to above, after instructions on how to use, the brand should also pay attention to printing appropriate preservation methods so that the product provides the most effective quality. In addition to paper food packaging such as milk, candy, fruit, etc., packaging for household electrical appliances also needs printed instructions on how to use and preserve them.

Besides printing instructions in words, brands can consider printing instructions with symbols to make paper packaging look neater and more aesthetic.

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4. Print brand stories on paper packaging:

Today, some businesses apply direct printing of brand stories on packaging. It can be reproduced in text or creatively as a comic image.

This received positive feedback thanks to eye-catching offset printing images, bringing high brand recognition and creating a deep impression in the minds of consumers.

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5. Show international certifications on packaging:

This information is essential for products that need to meet safety standards and especially needs to be printed on paper packaging. This helps build trust and reliability and demonstrates the brand’s responsible business practices.

The standard information that can be printed on a packaging is:

  • Food safety certification
  • Certificate of eligibility for export
  • Environmental protection certification
  • Animal protection certification

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6. Special marketing messages:

If the product has unique elements such as organic ingredients, a commitment to sustainable production, or other outstanding features, ensure these contents are prominently displayed on the paper packaging. These messages can attract customers and create exclusivity for the brand.

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7. Smart barcode printing:

Barcodes are essential and valuable information for both customers and brands. Consumers can easily trace the origin of products and distinguish fake goods. In addition, barcodes are an optimized way to help businesses control orders, transportation, and storage of products.

Barcodes can be printed on paper packaging in many forms: number barcode, Matrix code, QR code, Dote code, Digimarc barcode…

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A lot of important information must be printed skillfully for the packaging to maximize its effectiveness. Above all, brands must select information, expertly design images, and choose a reasonable printing layout. In addition, businesses can choose a paper packaging manufacturer that provides comprehensive packaging solutions to save costs and time.

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