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Folding paper box is multipurpose, highly applicable, and environmentally sustainable and is very popular today. The flexibility of folding paper boxes allows them to accommodate the majority of items daily. This article will explore the applicability of folding paper box packaging.

1. Cosmetic and personal care box

Packaging design is essential in the beauty industry, and folding paper boxes are the most commonly used packaging style. This paper box type suits lipstick, serum, skin cream, and toothpaste…

Besides, folding paper boxes are often made of Ivory paper, printed in minimalist colors and hot foil stamping to create eye-catching surface effects. In addition, cosmetic paper boxes will be printed with a detailed ingredient list and customer use instructions.

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2. Design paper box for food packaging

Using folding paper boxes is suitable for products such as cakes, candy, tea, and coffee… This box type is ideal for offset printing technology combined with matte lamination, helping preserve products and avoid environmental damage.

In addition, this type of folding paper box is often printed with eye-catching illustrations and colors that represent the brand’s style. Besides, paper boxes are also suitable for designing according to special seasons of the year, such as New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Children’s Day, and Christmas… as gifts. This helps customers visualize the product inside and is a helpful brand recognition tool.

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3. High-quality paper box for the pharmaceutical industry

Folding paper boxes are also widely used in the pharmaceutical and therapeutic industries, such as functional foods, essential oils, scented candles… For this type of box, it is necessary to fully print important information such as instructions for use, ingredients, recommendations, and expiration date. This helps users clearly understand the product and use it safely.

Moreover, paper boxes for this industry need minimalist printing, using fewer effects, materials need to meet standards, and finished products will be strictly inspected through industry standards. However, by printing a combination of minimalist colors such as white, black, blue… and debossed or embossed effects, folding paper boxes can become simple but very eye-catching and highly aesthetically pleasing.

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4. Functional paper box design

It can be seen that folding paper boxes are widely used in all industries and daily life. Therefore, creative paper box design is necessary to create user convenience and increase market competition.

Recommend design features that make your folding paper box unique and highly functional:

  • Print unique colors and images: You can print consistent colors between products or combine seasonal illustrations to create a strong impression with customers.
  • Creative paper box structure design: Refer to Diecut for a convenient tear line or design a box structure that is easy for daily use, which will be a plus point for folding paper boxes.
  • Use unique materials: Materials such as art paper and high-quality paper can make your cosmetic folding paper box more eye-catching to women customers.

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Folding paper boxes are a packaging product and an effective brand promotion tool. However, paper box packaging must also meet specific standards and be strictly inspected for export needs.

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