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Have you wondered why famous accessories brands invest so carefully in jewelry paper packaging? Because it is an important part of bringing a satisfying experience to customers.

Today’s article Khang Thanh advises you on 03 things to note in designing high-end jewelry bags and boxes.

1. Invest in special materials.

The materials are the initial point of emphasis. Particularly, based on the direction, item, and consumer segment, you should consider using suitable materials.

Khang Thanh offers 02 popular and appropriate paper packing materials for jewelry:

Type 1: Paper boxes and shopping bags

This kind of jewelry paper packaging is simple, lightweight, and easy to mass process. As a result, this style of paper box and bag is ideal for mid-range jewelry at a reasonable price.

To make the paper packaging unique, you can try recycled FSC paper, Ivory, or Duplex paper for durability at a fair price.

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Type 2: Rigid boxes and high-quality paper bags

In addition, type 2 is suitable for high-end jewelry that requires elegant and appropriate paper packing. Rigid box materials often include hardwood boxes, leather boxes, and velvet-lined hard boxes, all complemented by beautifully and richly made paper bags.

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2. Match the color of the rigid box with the paper bag.

Matching colors for a pair of jewelry bags and paper boxes creates an important mark on buyers. Customers will remember your brand just by seeing your unique color among thousands of other jewelry companies.

However, the color of the paper packaging must reflect the jewelry brand’s actual style and value. For example, if you want to create a wealthy and sophisticated company image, use a monochromatic color scheme that can be easily combined with glitter, such as black, white, gold, or silver. A personal and creative brand, on the other hand, might benefit from a distinct and original color palette.

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3. Make the packaging difference

To stand out, you need a unique brand voice. Refer to developing brand names, logos, or printing paper packaging with unique printing effects, such as:

  • UV coating shapes the brand name
  • Embossed or debossed logos to create effects
  • Covered with eye-catching glitter
  • Using luxurious metalize printing technology

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In addition to high-quality products, successful brand awareness entails providing clients with an overall experience. As a result, by carefully investing in paper packaging, the business has gently demonstrated its relationship with clients.

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