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Laminated offset printing corrugated boxes are adaptable and suitable for most types of products on the market. Corrugated packaging of this type not only optimizes the ability to store and protect products but also meets aesthetic criteria. This article will mention the advantages of this laminated offset printing corrugated box.

What is a laminated offset printing corrugated box?

Before learning the benefits, let’s explore what laminated offset printing corrugated boxes are. This type of box will be applied with two special techniques, which are offset printing and surface lamination. In addition to containing goods, the paper packages will have high durability and many unique advantages.

First, the carton will use high-quality offset printing technology to produce sharp colors and images. Next, the box will be surface-treated through the lamination process. It can be a simple glossy film or a film with a metallic effect.

cardboard box corrugated box packaging

Application of corrugated boxes in packaging

Laminated offset printed corrugated boxes are widely used for many different packaging purposes. Here are some of the most common examples:

  • Used for household appliances
  • Store household electrical appliances
  • Large carton boxes for furniture
  • Store kitchen utensils

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Benefits of offset printing and lamination corrugated packaging

Thanks to flexible custom sizes, diverse shapes, and sturdy materials, laminated offset printed corrugated boxes bring many benefits for storing and packaging goods. Khang Thanh introduces 3 biggest advantages of offset corrugated boxes that you can refer to:

Laminated corrugated boxes are highly durable and waterproof

Offset printed lamination cartons are trendy for storing large and heavy goods thanks to their excellent bearing capacity. In addition to the corrugated structure of the material creating rigidity, laminating a layer of glossy film on the cover also contributes to helping the carton have outstanding thickness and durability.

Besides, the glossy film layer also has the effect of preventing scratches and waterproofing the surface. This not only increases the optimal product protection effectiveness of the carton but also reduces the risk of goods damage, saving significant costs.

cardboard box corrugated box packaging

Lamination helps the offset printing of the packaging to be clear.

Offset technology inherently brings very sharp and realistic images. However, it is promoted further when combined with surface lamination.

The original rough print, when rolled over a glossy film, will produce a clear and glossy print. Besides, laminating the image on the carton will make the product stand out and visually stimulate consumers.

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cardboard box corrugated box packaging

Offset corrugated packages increase product value.

Besides good storage and protection benefits, offset printed corrugated boxes also help the product increase its value in the market as well as with potential customers.

Investing in high-end printing effects and lamination techniques will make packaging boxes cost more than regular non-printed corrugated boxes. However, it also implicitly affirms that your products are premium and that you are willing to provide customers with a safe experience when purchasing and using the goods.

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cardboard box corrugated box packaging

The most significant advantage of laminated offset printed corrugated boxes is their ability to withstand negative environmental influences very well and high aesthetics, bringing a complete experience to consumers.

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