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Do you need your product to stand out in the eyes of customers at first sight? We can help you turn your ideas into reality by printing paper box with reasonable prices.

At Khang Thanh, we not only provide quality paper box printing products, but also bring you a dedicated and professional service experience from an experienced customer care team.

Advantages of printing large quantities of paper boxes

Firstly, let’s disscuss about the importance of beautiful packaging to businesses. Besides, there are benefits when printing large amounts of paper boxes.

Eye-catching paper box – Ability to create a strong impression

Do you know what impresses customers first before they come into direct contact with the product? That is the outer packaging, so quality printed paper boxes will be a powerful tool to attract customers.

Khang Thanh introduces you to 4 essential steps to achieve satisfactory results in printing paper packaging:

  • Step 1: Determine the style, image, and message you want to convey through packaging
  • Step 2: Sketch the structural drawing and mockup of the paper box
  • Step 3: Choose materials and printing methods
  • Step 4: Find a company that produces paper box packaging in large quantities, with competitive prices and reputation
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Cost savings

When ordering large quantities of paper boxes, manufacturing companies offer special incentives and discounts. This helps businesses process various box types with different printing, designs, and styles, saving significant costs.

Besides, choosing a packaging company for mass production will ensure consistent printed paper box products, minimize errors, and save time and costs.

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Optimize the packaging production process.

When mass producing, the printing of paper boxes in particular, and the post-printing process in general, will be methodically planned, helping to save time and costs compared to printing small orders.

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Popular paper materials for box printing

  1. Ivory paper: The two sides of the paper are the same to create uniformity, making it suitable for printing cosmetic and food paper boxes.
  2. Duplex paper: Structure on one side white and one side brown, suitable for printing box types.
  3. Couche paper: This type is coated on both surfaces to make offset printing sharp and luxurious.
  4. Bristol paper: Strong and thick, commonly used in printing high-end gift boxes.
  5. Kraft paper: This paper has a rustic and simple brown color, suitable for printing paper boxes related to handmade, handmade, and organic items.
  6. Art paper: This type of paper has pre-printed textures, effects, and different ribbed patterns on the surface.
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Content that needs to be printed on the paper box

According to a survey conducted by Vietnam Report, nearly 100% of consumers will choose to buy products with complete ingredient information, expiration date, and production date printed on the packaging. Therefore, selecting and streamlining important content for printing paper boxes is indispensable.

Khang Thanh suggests 4 necessary pieces of information that should be fully printed on the paper box to achieve the most optimal marketing results:

  1. Print detailed product information
  2. Instructions for use, recommendations, and storage
  3. Print international certifications on the back of the paper box
  4. Smart barcode printing paper box

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Khang Thanh – Paper box printing service at reasonable prices upon request

With 20 years of experience providing comprehensive paper packaging services, Khang Thanh is confident in being a reliable paper box printing facility.

Besides printing boxes upon request, the customer care team at Khang Thanh will accompany, support, and offer other solutions and commitments regarding orders such as:

  1. Provide solutions to optimize paper box printing, saving costs while still ensuring the desired quality and original idea.
  2. Commitment to quality printing paper materials
  3. High-end offset printing technology with 2 to 3-color, 5-color, and 8-color printers
  4. Fully meets paper box surface processing techniques
  5. Commitment to sample-making time, production, and delivery time
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Khang Thanh is proud to be a provider of quality paper box printing services you can trust. Contact for printing paper boxes at:


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