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The memories of first times are always difficult to fade

There are things you only experience once in your life, but they are unforgettable.

The first time we go to school – we always have clear memories of our first day at school. We remember those innocent and nervous faces of our classmates. We remember those gentle, lovely smiles of the girl sitting next to us, who later became our soulmates.

The emotions of the first times always remain as a puzzle piece of our life. We smile when we think of the first time we stand beside that person, hearing each beat of our heart. Despite the intense emotion of the first unrequited love, the memories of the “first love” will be a profound experience in life.

Do you remember the feeling when you first got your salary? Whether it is the small amount of money from work or a “good deal” from trading, it is a result of your efforts and efforts.

The first time making money is not only an experience that makes you extremely proud, but also offers a valuable lesson about savings and respect.

And there are so many other pieces such as the first time as a parent, the first graduation, the first time traveling alone. The experience of the first time contribute to shape and build the “today” you.

The second time is not as twice the first time

The picture will be even more perfect if the pure emotions of the first time will not only be preserved, but will continue to fully fill the second time.

It is the second pride when Khang Thanh was able to raise the Vietnamese flag in Amata, where investors from 21 countries and other territories gather.

When Khang Thanh continues to join hands and co-operate, with 145 other factories in the industrial park, creating more than 43,000 jobs.

It is also a hope when we see the packaging products of Khang Thanh Packaging Company are trusted, and loved by 150 famous domestic and international brands.

All of these levels are intertwined, forming a hard-to-describe emotional domain: Pride.

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